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Live Broadcasting is the Way to Go

Today PR News published a byline I wrote about why brands should consider using their digital and social channels for live programming. It’s called “5 Reasons Brands Should Go Live.” Here is a brief excerpt: “What do The New York Times, the Huffington Post and Verizon Wireless all have in common? All three brands have […]

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Platforms Don’t Really Matter

Is Instagram going to kill Vine? Is Twitter catching up to Facebook? Is Facebook blowing it? At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. As a brand, you shouldn’t get obsessed about one social platform over another. What you should care about is telling stories. Publishing them on the channels you’re using and […]

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The Big, Fat Content Glut

Content is everywhere – and that’s the problem. Content creators – bloggers, videographers, writers, artists, designers, musicians, journalists, directors, illustrators, actors, etc. – should be celebrating. The internet has opened up the world to them. Writers can sell novels and non-fiction directly to readers. Musicians can sell their songs right to listeners. YouTube and Vimeo […]

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What the Heck is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when a brand creates content and shares it. It’s different from “regular” content (whatever that is) because its goal is to attract and engage consumers. Content marketing has been around since the beginning of PR and advertising.  It used to come in the form of company newsletters, advertorials, user conferences, company magazines […]

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5 Reasons Why YouTube is Addictive

  Quick, sardonic, and dipped in self-referential irony. These are the big ingredients of YouTube’s appeal to the younger generation.  The video channel owned by Google has emerged as a major challenger to cable TV for young viewers.  Younger people can spend hours surfing through video content – from TV clips and music videos to […]

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LIVE on Social Media

Forget real-time social media. Instead think about “live” broadcasting.  Or in industry parlance: live streaming. A well-produced “live” show can bring events, product launches, and news announcement to new heights of audience participation and engagement. Let me give you an example. Recently, I was involved in a news announcement for a new non-profit organization in […]

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The times are a changin' in social media.

Is Extreme Economics Infecting Social Media?

In her fascinating book “The Watchman’s Rattle,” Rebecca Costa talks about a super meme known as “extreme economics.” For those unfamiliar with the concept of memes (rhythms with “seems”) they are units of cultural transmission or imitation and like real genes they compete for survival, some winning and others dying out.  They also evolve with […]

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6 Simple Tips to Make People Share Your Content

The secret to getting people to share your content is easy: Make it concise and compelling. And then syndicate the content on various online and social channels to make it easy to find. But there are specific tips you can use to make people more willing to share your content.  Here are six ways (there […]

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Policing Social Media – A Showdown is Looming

It’s easy to criticize the Italian government for convicting three Google executives for a video uploaded to YouTube, but the situation is more complex than it appears. The video in question showed a group of students bullying an autistic child and an Italian court in Milan ruled that the video violated the privacy rights of […]

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Weighing in on Kevin Smith

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the headline. In case you missed it, Hollywood Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma) was bounced from a Southwest Airline flight for being too fat.  This happened on Saturday when Smith was on stand-by for a flight from Oakland to Burbank. He was boarded and seated, but then removed when […]

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