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What the Heck is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when a brand creates content and shares it. It’s different from “regular” content (whatever that is) because its goal is to attract and engage consumers. Content marketing has been around since the beginning of PR and advertising.  It used to come in the form of company newsletters, advertorials, user conferences, company magazines […]

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R.I.P. Follow Friday

Is there a less satisfying recommendation than Twitter’s #followfriday a.k.a. #FF? For those unfamiliar with Follow Friday – allow me to give you a brief introduction.  Every Friday, many Twitter users make recommendations on who other people should follow by providing a list of user names followed by the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF. So why […]

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5 Tips for a Social Media Crisis

You can take this to the bank: If you are a brand then you’ll experience a social media crisis. It’s inevitable. Look at it this way.  No brand in existence – not even the most popular and best-loved brands in the world – has ever avoided a negative phone call, a snarky email, a compliant […]

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The Savage Power of a Customer Review

Why do people like to write online reviews?  Why are they compelled share their experiences – even with products as mundane as pens and food containers? Here are a couple of reasons I’ve identified: People enjoy being helpful.  They want to inform others if a product lives up to or surpasses their expectations.  And, of […]

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Does Crowd-Sourcing Work in the Long Term?

Is Wikipedia about to fall over like a domino? As Newsweek noted last week: “Thousand of volunteer editors [for Wikipedia], the loyal Wikipedians who actually write, fact-check, and update all of those articles, logged off – many for good. For the first time, more contributors appeared to be dropping out than joining up. Activity on […]

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Revenge of the Amateur

The problem with crowds is that they sometimes turn into mobs.  And in the prophetic words of Black Sabbath’s “The Mob Rules”: “You’ve nothing to say They’re breaking away If you listen to fools… The Mob Rules The Mob Rules” Some people would argue that listening to any crowd – whether a mob or not […]

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Social Networks Aren’t Cocktail Parties

If you do a Google search on “social media cocktail party” you’ll get 999,000 results. There’s even a 2008 book written by Jim Tobin and Lisa Braziel called: “Social Media Is A Cocktail Party: Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing.” The idea that social media is a cocktail party is also […]

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Share Your Favorite Apps!

The scene has become quite common.  Two geeks meet at a bar, at a conference, at the airport or in a restaurant and then out pop the smart phones (which they wear like six shooters on their hips) – iPhones, Droids, etc… And then the app swap begins. “What’s you favorite work app?” “What’s your […]

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Unvarnished: Cyber-bullying Grows Up

Think of Yelp in a ski mask meeting LinkedIn in a dark alley. The result of this violent encounter is now a social network called Unvarnished.  Libel.com must have been taken.  Unvarnished will soon be causing lots of problems for everyone.  And I mean everyone.  Right now it is in beta and invite only, but […]

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Why Yelp? Because Amateur Critics Have Won

Josh Oversky of Time magazine may lament the demise of the professional critic, but that train left the station a long time ago. Amateur critics – whether worthy or not – have knocked the diadem off the heads of the professionals.  And while it might not fit all that well, the crown now rests on […]

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