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The Holidays are Better When They are Live

GoLive Holiday Concert from Weber Shandwick Boston This year Weber Shandwick rolled out a new offering: GoLive. GoLive is creating a TV-quality “live” broadcast online. We have done cooking shows, gadget shows, thought leadership broadcasts – you name it. All of them broadcast on digital and social media channels: from Facebook to Twitter. It’s a […]

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Blogging with Google Glass

  Wearable – and sooner than we think “embeddable” – technology is upon us in a big way. Google Glass has changed everything. A lot of people snicker at the geeks wearing their Google Glass and gazing upwards with that weird expression of glazed confusion, but the impact is coming. Why is this different from […]

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Going Live!

  Original stories. Authentic and visually stunning. Live video broadcasting. Immediate and interactive. Kick-ass targeted distribution. With consumers and media partners. What more could a brand want? Those are the three crucial elements that are baked right into Weber Shandwick’s GoLive, our smart new offering that infuses the real-time environment of digital and social media with […]

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Marketing is the New Journalism

And journalism is the new marketing. For better or worse, we are moving rapidly into a state of brand-produced journalism.  It’s happening on two fronts: Sponsored Content and Brand Publishing Sponsored Content There’s no doubt traditional media companies are dropping like flies.  Circulations and subscriptions have flat-lined – print advertising revenue is moving to digital […]

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Has the Timeline Improved Facebook for Brands?

  It has – dramatically – if you’re Facebook. For brands, the switch to the Timeline format spells big changes – both good and bad. First the good news.  Facebook is placing a premium on storytelling.  As my colleague Ben Rissman notes: “This means that brands (more than ever) now need to be storytellers – […]

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Agencies Can Add a Rocket Boost of Social Know-how

What do you think sets apart a gold-medal effort in social media from a mediocre one? Is it ideas?  Passion?  Knowledge?  Creativity? Likely those are factors, but most often the difference is more pedestrian: Resources. Most marketing and communications departments continue to be underfunded and understaffed when it comes to social media programs.  It’s difficult […]

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Why Wikipedia Should Shoulder Blame for Violations

Because they do a lousy job of explaining themselves.  I’ll get to that momentarily.  But first why is Wikipedia hands off for PR people? The reason is simple: Because Wikipedia isn’t an owned, earned or paid channel. For those of us who don’t work in marketing or communications, those distinctions are how the industry identifies […]

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The Content Explosion

  Corporate communications used to be straightforward: Publish a press release Talk to the media about it That lead to news articles that could outline a company’s products and services for potential customers.  But that model was altered by the web when companies could then provide details and additional information on their websites and then […]

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The Demise of Nice

Corporations more concerned with profits than employees.  Sports teams that want to win even if it means cheating.  Popular culture filled with braggadocio.  Self-centered co-workers.  Snarky comments permeating blog posts and tweets. What happened to being nice? Incivility seems to be permeating all aspects of our society, according to a new survey by Weber Shandwick.  […]

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Why Blogging Needs to be a Habit

I have a confession. When I advise clients on content creation for social media channels, including blogs, I’m adamant about keeping editorial calendars.  When you plan ahead, when you put processes in place, your content creation becomes routine.  That’s how newspapers are able to put out brand-new editions each and every day.  They have a […]

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