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All the Fake News Fit to Print

Fake news is now a regular occurrence. A news story that’s just too good to be true rockets around the internet. Just a sampling from the last couple of months: Catholic Pope Francis declares that all religions are true North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un murdered his uncle by feeding him to a pack of […]

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Dear Mr. Bezos: Don’t Listen to the Journalists

An open letter by Washington Post columnist by Gene Weingarten called “Open Letter to Jeff Bezos” is grabbing a lot of attention on industry blogs and in social media circles in the wake of the Post‘s sale to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos. It’s worth a read simply because it is an excellent illustration of just […]

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The Amazon Post or Why Print Was Already Dead

One of my PR colleagues had this reaction to Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com, buying the Washington Post. “This really is the end of an era for print media as we know it.” My reaction? Where have you been? Print media, particularly print newspapers, official kicked the bucket in 2009 – after a long […]

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Google Decides to Kill Privacy

Remember when Google adopted “Don’t Be Evil” as its unofficial motto?  You’ll find that little ditty at a yard sale next to a Bay City Rollers album and a skinny leather tie decorated like a piano. Because this week Google announced it was drastically changing its privacy policy and the side of sharing – and […]

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How Facebook Explains the (Online) World

Welcome to the Internet. It’s now called Facebook. This week Facebook made a series of announcements – a “life” timeline, streaming movies and music, doing rather than “liking” and the ability to group friends into categories just to name a few of the changes. Facebook has finally transformed itself into a customized and personalized replacement […]

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We are Living in the Age of Hyper Speed

Good luck keeping up. News, events and crises move like a flash of lightning.  As a communicator or a marketer, you can find yourself neck-deep in trouble because you decided to walk to the sub shop next door to pick-up your lunch. Today’s case in point: Entenmann’s. The pastry maker published a tweet yesterday to […]

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One of the Culprits Might be Technology

A bigoted Christian pastor of a tiny fundamentalist church in Florida burns the Koran while noting that it burn “very good” and the flames could have cooked a burger or toasted a marshmallow. The pastor posts a video of the act on the Internet.  The president of Pakistan calls it “serious set-back” in American relations […]

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A Long Walk Through Tripoli

A rugged, crumbling wall surrounds the old city of Tripoli, Libya. The wall abuts the Corinthia Bab Africa, a luxury hotel with a beautiful view of blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  The hotel was sparkling new and built to attract Westerns willing to do business with the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. And by […]

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Backlash Against Huffington Post Heats Up

Has the Huffington Post jumped the shark? The news this week that AOL bought the Huffington Post for $315 million has been met with outrage by many readers and, worse, by the hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers who contribute free content to the site. Comments on the Huffington Post’s announcement about the sale have […]

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It Must be True. I Read it on the Internet!

Here are a few things that I’ve learned on the Internet: President Obama was born in Kenya and is not an American citizen The Holocaust never happened. The Democrats tried to create “death panels” for the elderly in their health care overhaul bill The September 11 terrorist attacks were plotted and by the Bush administration […]

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