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Social Advertising Isn’t Really Advertising

That’s why they should consider changing the name. Because the name “Social Advertising” throws off too many marketers and advertisers.  They think it is advertising. But it really isn’t. First, social advertising should promote social content.  Putting banner ads in people’s Twitter and Facebook streams isn’t the way to engage them on social channels.  Brands […]

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The Power of the Short Attention Span

The biggest weapon for corporations battling against bad publicity on social media channels might be time. A strategy of patience.  Just wait it out. Because it appears as if they won’t have to wait that long.  Call it the Power of the Short Attention span.  Consumers – especially American consumers – get distracted easily.  How […]

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3 Lessons from “United Breaks Guitars”

The YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars” is example of why corporations continue to fear social media.  But what it should really do is get them to stop fearing it – and start participating in it.  It’s no longer an option to sit on the sidelines. Here’s the United Airlines story in a nutshell: David Carroll, […]

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