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The Downfall of Social Media

It was inevitable. Because social media is not the end all be all. Social media won’t cure your marketing woes. Social media will not make you more popular. And social media will not cure cancer. Social media is a channel (or more accurately several channels) and it always has been. Just like television, radio, email and websites. Facebook, […]

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4 Myths of Social Media Authenticity

One of the great big whopping lies about social media is authenticity. Because – let’s face it – there isn’t much that’s authentic about social media. There’s lots of spin, cherry-picking, and bright-side propaganda from both individuals and brands going on. Few people and brands are truly genuine about their attitudes, personalities and opinions on […]

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You’re Not Married to Your Social Networks – You’re Just Dating

Because if history is any guide – social networks come and go.  Mostly go. So don’t go off and get hitched. As my astute colleague Greg Swan recently noted: “You would think the track record of social network migration (i.e. users emigrating from Compuserve to AOL, AOL to Friendster, Friendster to MySpace, more recently MySpace […]

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What the Heck is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when a brand creates content and shares it. It’s different from “regular” content (whatever that is) because its goal is to attract and engage consumers. Content marketing has been around since the beginning of PR and advertising.  It used to come in the form of company newsletters, advertorials, user conferences, company magazines […]

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3 Ways to Save Journalism from Extinction

Let this statistic sink in for a moment. Total number of journalists in the U.S.: 40,000 Total number of Google employees: 54,000 Google was founded in 1998.  Journalism may have died around the same time. Try this one on for size. There are 3.6 public relations professionals for every single journalist.  Nearly 4 to 1. […]

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5 Reasons Why Vine Will Destroy the World

Are you sick of Vine yet? Expect to be as the social media set opines about its latest love affair – six second videos that can instantly be embedded and shared on social networks (most notably Twitter). Here are 5 reasons why Vine will ruin everything. 1. If you think your friends were oversharing photographs […]

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5 Reasons Why Vine Will Save the Earth

Have you heard the great news about Vine yet? Vine is the spear tip of what’s next in social media and content – micro-videos.  Six seconds of video that can be instantly embedded and shared on social channels (most notably Twitter. Here are five reasons why Vine is the greatest thing ever. 1. Vine will […]

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The Menace of Tiny

“It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book.” – Friedrich Nietzsche “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – William Shakespeare ‘I figured the shorter the book, the less bullshit.” – Stephen King ———- Everyone wants us to be brief. Keep it short. Concise. But let’s remember that […]

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Social Advertising Isn’t Really Advertising

That’s why they should consider changing the name. Because the name “Social Advertising” throws off too many marketers and advertisers.  They think it is advertising. But it really isn’t. First, social advertising should promote social content.  Putting banner ads in people’s Twitter and Facebook streams isn’t the way to engage them on social channels.  Brands […]

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5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic

Only you can decide not to publicly share details about your bowel movements. Yet for many people – yes, Al Roker, we’re referring to you – oversharing has become a disease. An epidemic really. So for those of you still unsure of what you should or should not share, here’s a handy list of five […]

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