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Does Crowd-Sourcing Work in the Long Term?

Is Wikipedia about to fall over like a domino? As Newsweek noted last week: “Thousand of volunteer editors [for Wikipedia], the loyal Wikipedians who actually write, fact-check, and update all of those articles, logged off – many for good. For the first time, more contributors appeared to be dropping out than joining up. Activity on […]

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Revenge of the Amateur

The problem with crowds is that they sometimes turn into mobs.  And in the prophetic words of Black Sabbath’s “The Mob Rules”: “You’ve nothing to say They’re breaking away If you listen to fools… The Mob Rules The Mob Rules” Some people would argue that listening to any crowd – whether a mob or not […]

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Social Networks Aren’t Cocktail Parties

If you do a Google search on “social media cocktail party” you’ll get 999,000 results. There’s even a 2008 book written by Jim Tobin and Lisa Braziel called: “Social Media Is A Cocktail Party: Why You Already Know the Rules of Social Media Marketing.” The idea that social media is a cocktail party is also […]

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