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The Great Media Collapse Has Been Epic

The business of journalism and news reporting isn’t much of a business anymore.  The damage – like a super hurricane battering a low-lying coastal village – has been epic. The collapse, which started in earnest in 2009, has continued unabated since.  By the end of this decade we’ll be lucky if any of the huts […]

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BTW – Journalism Continues to Collapse

Remember 2009? The year that I like to call “The Great Media Collapse.” Layoffs galore.  Newspapers folding.  Magazines selling for peanuts (remember the $5 million fire sale for BusinessWeek?). 2009 ended with more than 14,000 journalists in the unemployment line and newspaper circulations plunging to the lowest levels since the 1940s. Not a good year […]

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The Dictator's Son: Saif al-Isam

The Dictator’s Son: Libya, Democracy & Public Relations

Here are my notes from my first impression of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s second son, Saif al-Islam.  At the time, July of 2007, Saif al-Islam was Gaddafi’s favorite and his likely successor. I wrote: “A rather dim-witted, disinterested brat.  A bit distracted, but very stylish.” But I added later: “That first impression was dead wrong.  The […]

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Why I Canceled My Newspaper Subsciption

I made the break a month ago.  After more than 25 years of having the Boston Globe delivered to my door (there have been many doors), I canceled my subscription on July 31. Let me be clear.  I no longer buy the print edition, but I still read the Globe daily: Online and on my […]

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Why Yelp? Because Amateur Critics Have Won

Josh Oversky of Time magazine may lament the demise of the professional critic, but that train left the station a long time ago. Amateur critics – whether worthy or not – have knocked the diadem off the heads of the professionals.  And while it might not fit all that well, the crown now rests on […]

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Balance is Unnecessary for Good Journalism

Here’s what “balanced” reporting can beget: The birthers.  A large group of right-wing conspiracy theorists who mistakenly believe that President Obama was born in Africa and doesn’t have a legitimate U.S. birth certificate.  Yet Hawaiian officials deny those claims and have produced copies of Obama’s birth certificate. Death panels.  The claim by members of the […]

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Will Blog for Food

There has been endless debate in social networking circles about blogging for money. One of the latest posts on the topic was at Mark W. Schaefer’s blog Grow called “The Monetization of Chris Brogan.” For those who don’t know of him, Chris Brogan is a social media consultant and blogger at ChrisBrogan.com – one of […]

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Lay Off the Mommy Bloggers

The New York Times gets downright giddy when it can blast bloggers.  So was it any surprise that the Times published an article this week calling out mommy for being corporate dupes? The story centered around bloggers – particularly mommy bloggers – who received free products from companies to review.  Some bloggers are in the […]

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The Shot(s) Heard Round the World

Three little words and a question mark: “The MT curse?” This was the tweet John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox, sent out last week after the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees.  He was referring to the Yankees’ $180 million dollar, off-season acquisition, Mark Teixeira.  An irritated Teixeira responded (according to USA […]

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