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Unvarnished: Cyber-bullying Grows Up

Think of Yelp in a ski mask meeting LinkedIn in a dark alley. The result of this violent encounter is now a social network called Unvarnished.  Libel.com must have been taken.  Unvarnished will soon be causing lots of problems for everyone.  And I mean everyone.  Right now it is in beta and invite only, but […]

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Much Ado about Commenting

Commenting or the ability to have readers expressing their reactions to blog posts and news articles is a cornerstone of social media.  It is this interaction and engagement with fans, followers, readers, constituents (or whatever else you want to call them) that makes social media so different from traditional one-way communications. The concept is simple: […]

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Do Blogs Naturally Run Out of Gas?

The New York Times has been publishing since 1851 – nine years before the start of the Civil War.  The Boston Globe has been cranking out newspapers since 1872 – seven years before the invention of the cash register.  And BusinessWeek began publishing when Herbert Hoover was president. Blogs have been around since 1996 (the […]

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How Blogging Can Replace Press Releases

Why were some people surprised when Google announced major news on its blog this week? In case you’ve been on vacation, Google announced on Tuesday that it would compete directly with Microsoft by creating its own operating system modeled on Chrome.  The news – which heats up the Google vs. Microsoft tech war – may […]

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Facebook, Free Speech & Holocaust Deniers

This month Facebook came under tremendous pressure to ban Holocaust Denial groups.  Thankfully, Facebook didn’t fold under the enormous pressure from bloggers and traditional media (including Brian Cuban, TechCrunch and Mashable) to outright ban people or groups that deny that the Holocaust occurred.  Facebook did end up banning two Holocaust Denial groups because of violations […]

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The Web’s Biggest Victim: Privacy

Privacy, like its close cousin modesty, is difficult to recover once lost.  That’s the thought I had after reading a recent post by Todd Defren at his terrific PR blog PRSquared.  Todd was discussing the Domino’s Pizza social media gaffe and, almost as an after thought, wrote: “I like Shel Holtz’s idea: “wouldn’t it be […]

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Twitter, Oh My!

Twitter grew a whopping 95 percent in March – from 9.8 million visitors to 19.1 million, reports TechCrunch. And keep in mind that these are visits to the Twitter web site – and doesn’t include people using popular desktop and mobile phone applications like Twirl, TweetDeck, Twitterfon, and Twitterrific.  There are some  estimates that up […]

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Confusing Security with Privacy

Eric Schonfeld has a post called “The Privacy Dilemma” over at TechCrunch today. Interestingly, Schonfeld focuses on the dangers from scammers, phishers, and identity thieves. I’d argue that that isn’t privacy. That’s security. When you open online accounts, send emails, blog, etc. there’s an inherent risk for increased attention from online criminals — and security […]

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