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How to be a Paperboy

Remember the neighborhood paperboy? Every morning (or afternoon) he mounted his bicycle with his trusty his canvass shoulder bag and hand delivered the daily newspaper to dozens, even of hundreds of households. Personalized, customized delivery to meet the needs of the clients. That used to be the way content was delivered. But make no mistake […]

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Social Advertising Isn’t Really Advertising

That’s why they should consider changing the name. Because the name “Social Advertising” throws off too many marketers and advertisers.  They think it is advertising. But it really isn’t. First, social advertising should promote social content.  Putting banner ads in people’s Twitter and Facebook streams isn’t the way to engage them on social channels.  Brands […]

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Pitching Social Content

In the swirling storm of social media its popular to frown on the old-fashioned notion of pitching “traditional” media. How many times have you been told that media relations is dead? Well, it isn’t.  In fact, it’s importance may be on the verge of a major upswing. First, can we please dispel the term “traditional […]

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12 Rules for Social Content

There are more than 12, of course.  But for the sake of argument here are 12 important components of social content: 1.)  Don’t be boring.  This may be the biggest content crime of them all. 2.)  Tell amazing stories.  And make them multimedia and interactive if you can. 3.)  Quality counts.  People notice sloppiness and […]

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Facebook & the 16% Solution

Here’s what a Facebook VP recently told me and group of my colleagues: “The free ride for brands is over.” He said it with a tinge of annoyance as we quizzed him on the organic ways to increase audience reach.  Facebook doesn’t want to talk about the organic success of brands on Facebook because they […]

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It’s the Syndication, Stupid!

If Content is King then syndication is the Kingdom. A brand can create all the cool content in the world, but if nobody notices it then what is the point?  Nobody – not even the richest brands in the world – wants to spend marketing and communications dollars on creating interactive, multimedia content that sits […]

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How to Proliferate Content

So you develop this really cool content… Now what? For many brands it means publishing the content on their digital and social channels – blog, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. – and then waiting for people to interact and share it. Sometimes this works, but sometimes it doesn’t. The reason is because having a content strategy […]

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