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Here Comes Brandtainment

One of the reasons why social media exploded was the concept of brands having direct communications with their customers. Especially around news. In the old days, brands wrote press releases, posted them on distribution wires, and then pitched the media in hopes they would write news articles. Social media flipped that model on its head. […]

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Some social media consultants can't be trusted. Trust me!

The 7 Biggest Lies Your Social Media Consultant Told You

1. Social media is a conversation. This is almost laughable, but the “conversation” buzzword is still in rampant use.  Social media is not a conversation.  It is conversational and, on occasion, a conversation will happen.  But most of the time social media is listening in aggregate to your fans and followers and responding to trends, […]

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Why Do We Love Brands?

Because they reflect who we think we are and/or who we aspire to be. Brands – every brand – gives customers some kind of emotional reaction.  That can be good (think Sesame Street) or it can be bad (think BP). Brands have created this emotional connect through marketing, public relations and advertising.  They still do.  […]

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7 Sure-fire Ways to Fail at PR Consulting

I love working in social media, but what makes it even better is working at a PR agency that excels at it (and lots of other things as well).  Advertising agencies get a lot of kudos for being creative places, but PR firms are under appreciated in the creativity department. But like every industry PR […]

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Fear Factor

“(The) only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt Corporations are still afraid of social media. Most of them won’t admit it, so they start talking about the cost benefit analysis, metrics and measurement and value propositions.  While measurement and benefits are important – they should not be the overriding […]

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A Twitter Race to Nowhere

Despite the fact that he can’t spell very well, B-movie actor Ashton Kutcher is on the verge of having one million followers on Twitter. In a publicity stunt that is being breathlessly covered by the mainstream media, the blogosphere and on Twitter, Kutcher has been racing news cable station CNN to be the first one […]

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