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Why Tech Companies Love Patents & Hate Copyrights

Technology companies adore patents. They gobble them up like Pac-Man snacking on digital pellets. And they use the patents like clubs to bludgeon everyone and anyone who dares “to violate” them.  Patent battles are making headlines everywhere.  As a recent Boston Globe article noted: “Patents have become a costly and controversial part of the business […]

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Getting Rational on SOPA

The debate on the Stop Online Piracy Act (known as SOPA) has jumped the shark.  SOPA and its companion bill Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) were both shelved recently by Congress and the Senate after a frenzied protest by dozens of websites and Internet companies including Google, Wikipedia and Facebook. The goal of the bills […]

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What the Heck is SOPA?

If you’re online today – or on Twitter or Facebook – you’ve likely seen the acronym SOPA.  You may have also noticed that several website including Google, Wikipedia and Yahoo have altered their sites to protest SOPA.  Check out the blacked out Google logo above. What’s going on? SOPA stands for the Stop Online Privacy […]

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