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What’s Wrong with Facebook? You Can’t Scale

And that’s ultimately the problem with every social network. The more friends you get. The more brands, bands, movies, books, groups, restaurants, and organizations you like – the less you’ll see of all their content – even if you want it. You, my friends, have limits. There’s only so much “content” that Facebook can deliver […]

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It’s the Syndication, Stupid!

If Content is King then syndication is the Kingdom. A brand can create all the cool content in the world, but if nobody notices it then what is the point?  Nobody – not even the richest brands in the world – wants to spend marketing and communications dollars on creating interactive, multimedia content that sits […]

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Facebook Dares to be Uncool

Despite the fact that Facebook’s IPO will likely value the company at more than $100 billion this week (about the same as the GDP of Vietnam), Facebook is no longer the Prom Queen. Just like Fonzie, hula hoops, Cabbage Patch kids, and Coldplay, Facebook isn’t cool anymore. It’s too damn big as it nears one […]

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Social Media Will Not Cure Cancer

One aspect of social media I dislike immensely is the sense of magical thinking hovers about it.  Some of the medium’s most rabid advocates possess a spooky evangelical zeal about digital communications. At times it can feel like snake-oil salesmen who promise miraculous cures. That’s why it’s not usual to find bold proclamations that social […]

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Filters in the Age of Media Bombardment

Forget 24/7 news cycle. Try 604,800 second news cycle (yes, that’s the number of seconds in a week). Forget the 40-hour work week. Try 168-hour work week.  Oh, you don’t work the entire 168-hours in an average week, but if you work in an executive position anywhere that’s the number of hours you’re “on call.”  […]

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Following Isn’t a Lifelong Commitment

But a lot of people think it is. Every now and then I take the time to cull through the people I follow and connect with on my social networks.  I look at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others to see who I’m following and why. Admittedly, I’m connected to too many people.  It’s part […]

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10 Tips For Creating a Twitter Account You Can Use Professionally

Social media is a slippery slope when it comes to maintaining personal and professional profiles.  It is becoming more difficult to maintain an equal, but separate relationship. This is true specifically on Twitter. More often than not professional people are required to use their personal Twitter accounts in the course of their careers: to interact […]

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Is Social Media More Important than Traditional Media?

What is better for a brand? A.) 25 million Facebook fans B.) An article in the New York Times Ideally, you’d like both. But if forced to pick, I’d probably go with A.  Facebook fans are a constant – a set of people who have opted into your content.  While they don’t all receive your […]

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Blank Canvas

That is exactly what social media is.  A blank canvas.  An empty page. There is no content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social network without content creators.  People, brands, artists, writers and news organizations populate social networks with content and bring the value to it. Social media companies are just platforms.  They are […]

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Facebook is NEVER Private

“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin, statesman Facebook gives users the illusion of privacy.  You get to choose your friends and have the ability to regulate your content.  Some people can see this.  Others can see that. But regardless of how you direct traffic on Facebook remember […]

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