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Social Media is a Group Effort

One person should not own a brand’s social media presence.  Yet, amazingly, this is often the case at many brands, including huge global corporations. Giving the keys to the social kingdom to one single person is – to put it bluntly – crazy. Would any brand give the authority to write and publish press releases […]

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Are Corporate Social Media Policies Necessary?

Should companies abandon efforts to restrict/prohibit/control their employees use of social media? Most companies probably shudder at the thought of a completely hands off policy.  There are lots of risks not telling employees what they should and shouldn’t share on social networks. But in many ways the dike has been washed away and no amount […]

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Q: What is the Secret of Social Media Success?

A: Control, consistency and content. Let’s be cheesy and call it the Three C’s of Social Success for businesses (we can even create a fancy graphic to illustrate a blog post about the Three C’s). We can probably add a fourth: Creativity. But for now let’s stick with the Three C’s. Control Control means have […]

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Throw off the chains of social media!

Can Companies Restrict Employees Use of Social Media?

Maybe not. There is probably a case to be made for restricting usage of social networks by employees while they are at work.  But all bets are off when an employee goes home.  In fact, it is likely that U.S. companies cannot restrict employees from discussing their jobs, their bosses or even their working conditions […]

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Don’t Let Sloppy Social Media Practices Damage Your Brand

So train your employees. The only way your company is going to get a handle on how to integrate social media into marketing and communications is to teach your employees how to do it. That means training.  It means education.  It means setting up guidelines and policies.  But it also means creating an environment where […]

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