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Agencies Can Add a Rocket Boost of Social Know-how

What do you think sets apart a gold-medal effort in social media from a mediocre one? Is it ideas?  Passion?  Knowledge?  Creativity? Likely those are factors, but most often the difference is more pedestrian: Resources. Most marketing and communications departments continue to be underfunded and understaffed when it comes to social media programs.  It’s difficult […]

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Tackling the Woes of Social Measurement

The biggest woe in social media is measurement.  No one has figured it out.  There are no standards.  There are hundreds of measurement tools.  There are all kinds of metrics and statistics that can be measured. The great thing about social media is that you can measure everything, but the worst part of social media […]

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Santa Hates You

  As I often say: the first certainty in social media is that you’ll make a mistake.  The second certainty – especially if you’re a business or a brand – is that some know-it-all social media expert will call you out on it. So here’s a bit of Christmas fun for us all.  Happy Holidays! […]

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Why Wikipedia Should Shoulder Blame for Violations

Because they do a lousy job of explaining themselves.  I’ll get to that momentarily.  But first why is Wikipedia hands off for PR people? The reason is simple: Because Wikipedia isn’t an owned, earned or paid channel. For those of us who don’t work in marketing or communications, those distinctions are how the industry identifies […]

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Take a Deep Breath… and Organize

Once upon a time social media seemed so easy. Open a Facebook page.  Tweet out a link to a press releases.  Set up a LinkedIn profile.  Throw a video up on YouTube. It’s free!  It’s easy! But that feeling of ease is quickly replaced by trepidation and later by a disbelief that you ever thought […]

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The Joy of Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in the minutia of the industry.  Communications and marketing pundits have a tendency to dive into the trivial aspects of social media – how we should define influence, how a new feature on Facebook works, a rant about a brand making a social media snafu, etc. No doubt some […]

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The Content Explosion

  Corporate communications used to be straightforward: Publish a press release Talk to the media about it That lead to news articles that could outline a company’s products and services for potential customers.  But that model was altered by the web when companies could then provide details and additional information on their websites and then […]

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The Murky Rules of Facebook Contests

The rules for running a brand contest or a promotion on Facebook are quite clear.  Facebook spells them out succinctly in its Promotion Guidelines – if, of course, you can find them. What is murky, however, is whether there are consequences for violating these guidelines.  I know of only of one brand (SAS Airlines) called […]

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Why Outsourcing Social Media is Critical for Brands

I often meet with brands from all over the country – mostly big, global brands, but also mid-sized and smaller companies.  Here are the two biggest challenges they have with social and digital communications: 1.) Knowledge.  When you work at a single company it is difficult to get expertise on areas where you aren’t actively […]

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The Only Guarantee in Social Media? Mistakes

And, of course, “social media gurus” calling out anyone and everyone who does happen to make a mistake (because we all know that social media gurus never ever make mistakes). You haven’t worked in social media for very long if you haven’t bumbled by doing at least one of following: Tweeting something inappropriate (oh, if […]

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