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Reputation Can Be Lost in an Instant on Social Media

Here was the right answer: “We feature families who love pasta in our commercials. That’s because we make the best pasta in the world. Anyone who loves pasta – no matter your color or sexual orientation – has a home with Barilla.” Here was the wrong answer: “For us, the sacral family remains one of […]

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National Tragedies Are For People, Not Brands

Here’s the definition of a no-win situation. A brand using a national tragedy to engage with fans on social networks. The opportunity to offend is very high. Yesterday, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, several brands decided to weigh in with their thoughts about the terrorist attacks on that fateful day, including a diaper company, […]

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3 Reasons Why Social Media is Dangerous

Lots of brands are afraid of social media. That’s why they do it poorly, or why they don’t do it at all. Unfortunately, ignoring a communications trend is not a recipe for success – especially when the trend turns into an actual best practice. So if you’re a brand and you aren’t doing social media? […]

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You’re Not Married to Your Social Networks – You’re Just Dating

Because if history is any guide – social networks come and go.  Mostly go. So don’t go off and get hitched. As my astute colleague Greg Swan recently noted: “You would think the track record of social network migration (i.e. users emigrating from Compuserve to AOL, AOL to Friendster, Friendster to MySpace, more recently MySpace […]

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Let’s Count the Ways You’re Screwing Up Social Media

Because the ways are many and varied. If you needed any evidence that brands are doing social media all wrong then look no further than a recent survey sponsored by Ragan’s PR Daily and several partners. The statistics are jaw-dropping: Only 27 percent of brands have a dedicated social media team Sixty-five percent of brands […]

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Social Media Will Not Cure Cancer

One aspect of social media I dislike immensely is the sense of magical thinking hovers about it.  Some of the medium’s most rabid advocates possess a spooky evangelical zeal about digital communications. At times it can feel like snake-oil salesmen who promise miraculous cures. That’s why it’s not usual to find bold proclamations that social […]

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The Tip of the Social Media Iceberg

A client recently quipped: “How hard can social media be? All you have to do is write some tweets and status updates.  What’s the big deal?” It was difficult to know where to start.  Because calling “social media” tweets and status updates is like calling public relations writing press releases or thinking that advertising is […]

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What “Social” is Really Supposed to Mean

The power of “social” really hit home for me while shopping at Trader Joe’s more than three years ago. At the time, I was drinking a lot of coffee and my favorite was Trader Joe’s Cafe Femenino.  It’s an organic, shade grown coffee from Peru and I couldn’t get enough of it. So while shopping […]

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1 Lesson on Social Media from a Salami Sandwich

  This post is a celebration of the absurd.  And how all of us can S T R E T C H a metaphor until it snaps. Social media is new – or at least is relatively new – and constantly evolving.  It’s a constant battle to explain, justify, and provide context and insight on […]

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Has the Timeline Improved Facebook for Brands?

  It has – dramatically – if you’re Facebook. For brands, the switch to the Timeline format spells big changes – both good and bad. First the good news.  Facebook is placing a premium on storytelling.  As my colleague Ben Rissman notes: “This means that brands (more than ever) now need to be storytellers – […]

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