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Why Your Brand Content Really Matters

Here is how more people, especially young people, consume content. 1. They search for it. On Google mostly. Google has become a daily newspaper, Farmer’s Almanac and encyclopedia all rolled into one. When they want information or news they plug-in the keywords and press enter. 2. They have it recommended to them. On Facebook and […]

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5 Reasons Why Vine Will Destroy the World

Are you sick of Vine yet? Expect to be as the social media set opines about its latest love affair – six second videos that can instantly be embedded and shared on social networks (most notably Twitter). Here are 5 reasons why Vine will ruin everything. 1. If you think your friends were oversharing photographs […]

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5 Reasons Why Vine Will Save the Earth

Have you heard the great news about Vine yet? Vine is the spear tip of what’s next in social media and content – micro-videos.  Six seconds of video that can be instantly embedded and shared on social channels (most notably Twitter. Here are five reasons why Vine is the greatest thing ever. 1. Vine will […]

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Getting to Sharing Bliss

Three questions for you: Do you search the Internet less than you used to? When you use a search engine do you already know where you want to go? When is the last time you “surfed the ‘Net?” If you are like most people you probably answered this way: Yes Yes I can’t remember that […]

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5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic

Only you can decide not to publicly share details about your bowel movements. Yet for many people – yes, Al Roker, we’re referring to you – oversharing has become a disease. An epidemic really. So for those of you still unsure of what you should or should not share, here’s a handy list of five […]

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The Art of Enticing People to Share

You can release the Sharing Rainbow Fairy or better yet optimize your content for sharing. Call it Sharing Optimization. This is the ability to entice other people – media, bloggers, employees, partners, customers and the general public – to engage with and then share your content. There are lots of syndication techniques to get content […]

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Get Them to Share

When you post content online – one question needs to be the filter. Will they share it? When your fans/followers/friends read, view or interact with your content is it providing enough value that they want to pass it on?  Will they like it?  Will they leave a comment behind?  Will they tweet it?  Will they […]

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6 Simple Tips to Make People Share Your Content

The secret to getting people to share your content is easy: Make it concise and compelling. And then syndicate the content on various online and social channels to make it easy to find. But there are specific tips you can use to make people more willing to share your content.  Here are six ways (there […]

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Social Sharing is the New SEO

Finding things on the internet becomes less important when people stop looking. People haven’t stopped looking yet, but they’re doing it less.  Why?  Because they don’t have to search for content anymore.  It comes right to them.  Content is being discovered and pushed right to them by their social networks. Why head off to Google […]

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Sharing Is the New Web Browsing

Sharing links to content, particularly on Facebook, is now an enormous engine for driving web traffic and has transformed content delivery. A new study released this week from ShareThis, Starcom MediaVest Group and Rubinson Partners found that 10 percent of all Internet traffic is a result of sharing and that sharing accounts for 31 percent […]

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