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Getting to Sharing Bliss

Three questions for you: Do you search the Internet less than you used to? When you use a search engine do you already know where you want to go? When is the last time you “surfed the ‘Net?” If you are like most people you probably answered this way: Yes Yes I can’t remember that […]

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7 Tips for Getting Your Content Noticed

One of the biggest social media myths is the following: Content wants to be free. As if content were locked in a dirty cell, hands gripping the iron bars, and longingly gazing out at a field of wind-swept clover.  It isn’t quite like that. The quote is attributed to Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole […]

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Social Sharing is the New SEO

Finding things on the internet becomes less important when people stop looking. People haven’t stopped looking yet, but they’re doing it less.  Why?  Because they don’t have to search for content anymore.  It comes right to them.  Content is being discovered and pushed right to them by their social networks. Why head off to Google […]

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New SEO Toolbar for Firefox

David Finch over at Social Media Explorer (always a good read) has an excellent post on a new Search Engine Optimization tool for the Firefox Web Browser. The new tool has some interesting features that will allow marketers to see Google page rank, links to the domain, age of the site, monthly unique visits, and […]

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