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Journalism Ethics in the 86,400-second News Cycle

It is difficult to imagine the ethical journey for journalists who would authorize hacking into a missing teenage girl’s mobile phone in order to scour the content for a salacious headline. Worse is when these same journalists then delete messages from a full voicemail box so that additional messages could be left behind – giving […]

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Should I Pay or Should I Go? Do Newspaper Paywalls Work?

Should newspapers close their free websites and erect paywalls?  A paywall requires readers to pay for access to the newspapers’ news, features, opinions and other content. Paywalls have been met with outright scorn by advocates of “free” information.  They have also had limited success. The Wall Street Journal has been success with its paywall.  But […]

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Should Content Creators Boycott Aggregators?

Are Google, Bing and Yahoo robbing content creators blind? Are services like All-Top enriching only themselves? Arnon Mishkin, a partner with the Mitchell Madison Group, makes a compelling argument in his article on PaidContent.org called “The Fallacy of the Link Economy” that aggregators drive neither traffic nor revenues to content creators. Mishkin says his research […]

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