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The Great Relief That Comes When You Quit Blogging

…and the guilt. ..and the feeling of failure. But above all the wonderful sensation of FREEDOM.  Of getting your life back.  Blogging can feel like a great hunger that constantly needs to be nourished.  There’s a sense of panic when you haven’t posted in a long time.  But when you stop?   Ahhhh… And then, […]

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Quality Matters in Social Media

A while back, I interviewed for a job as a Director of Social Media for a Boston-based consumer brand.  In my meeting with the CEO, he said (I’m paraphrasing despite the quotation marks): “I don’t want to wait for quality.  Quality comes second to speed.  Let’s get it done and get it out there.  We […]

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Get Ready for the “Unfriend” Explosion

You can’t follow everybody. And less really may be more. Those are two lessons many social media pundits are learning as we stumble to the end of this rocky 2009. The rest of us will probably catch-up in 2010 when we realize that enormous, cumbersome loads of followers on social networks – particularly Twitter – […]

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Do Corporate-Sponsored News Blogs Work? A Look at ThreatPost and Building43

Yes, we can argue that most newspapers, magazines and TV news programs are owned by mega-corporations these days.  But those news organizations are run separately and have business models based on providing objective news reporting. What I’m talking about are blogs launched by “non-media” companies to provide coverage of specific verticals as part of a […]

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Do Blogs Naturally Run Out of Gas?

The New York Times has been publishing since 1851 – nine years before the start of the Civil War.  The Boston Globe has been cranking out newspapers since 1872 – seven years before the invention of the cash register.  And BusinessWeek began publishing when Herbert Hoover was president. Blogs have been around since 1996 (the […]

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Facebook’s Really, Wicked Big Challenge

Facebook’s biggest strength is also its greatest weakness.  And it can be summed up in one word: Intimacy. Facebook is a place for personal connections.  People share photographs of their children.  They discuss vacations with friends.  They share funny links or a music video.  Most people know the people they befriend on Facebook.  That’s why […]

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Avoiding Propaganda

Is this the future of journalism on the web? Robert Scoble, the A-list social media maven, recently accepted several thousand dollars from Cisco Systems to cover one of the company’s product launches. Scoble says he resigned from Fast Company on February 28 and did the paid work for Cisco on March 9. Although there appears […]

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Robert Scoble Lands at Rackspace

Unemployed blogger Robert Scoble is unemployed no longer. He’s been hired by Rackspace, a web hosting company in Texas, to start a web community for businesses called Building 43. Full disclosure: Rackspace is a former PR client of mine when I was with another company. This one is a bit of a head scratcher. Here’s […]

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Robert Scoble Departs Fast Company

How bad is the economy? Even social media poster boy and Internet celebrity Robert Scoble is now unemployed. Today TechCrunch and other outlets reported (and Scoble confirmed on his own blog) that he is leaving Fast Company after less than a year. Scoble was hired in 2008 to run Fast Company TV where he produced […]

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Here Come the Social Media Zombies

Michael Pinto over at Fanboy.com yesterday sharpened his pencil and stuck it in the eye of self-proclaimed “Social Media Gurus.” Showing about as much restraint as a mace to the skull, he headlined his post: “Social Media Experts are the Cancer of Twitter (and Must be Stopped). Kudos for not using any exclamation points. Too […]

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