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The Big Question is Now: How Much to Share

  Think of Charles Dickens and his seminal novel “David Copperfield.” This is what Facebook is striving to become for all of us. Dickens’ novel follows David Copperfield from birth to adulthood and chronicles the trials and tribulations of a young gentleman in early Victorian England. His works, his love, his marriage – his life. […]

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The Reality of Online Privacy: You Have None

The Congressional hearings this week on mobile privacy have the issue of online privacy buzzing again.  But it probably won’t last long.  Convenience has trumped privacy so far in the 21st century.  We live in times were Big Brother isn’t the government, but marketing and advertising – and most of us have opted in. But […]

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Throw off the chains of social media!

Can Companies Restrict Employees Use of Social Media?

Maybe not. There is probably a case to be made for restricting usage of social networks by employees while they are at work.  But all bets are off when an employee goes home.  In fact, it is likely that U.S. companies cannot restrict employees from discussing their jobs, their bosses or even their working conditions […]

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Is Privacy Over?

    No, of course not. But there will be less of it and you’ll need to be even more diligent to protect it. The enormous advantages of working and playing online – the convenience of shopping at home or watching a movie when you want to or instantly downloading a song you like – […]

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Think of the Send Button as a Privacy Vaporizer

Kind of like a ray gun.  Because when you press send your privacy is gone.  You have officially gone public. This includes the send button for email, instant messaging, text messaging, Twitter DMs, Facebook messages, voicemail and anything posted to a social network or an online forum. This week I was interviewed for a Boston […]

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You Can’t Reclaim Privacy

“Privacy is the right to be alone–the most comprehensive of rights, and the right most valued by civilized man.” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis Brandeis, who died in 1941, would likely be aghast at the concept of Facebook. The idea that people would willingly share so much of their private lives with […]

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The Up & Down Sides of “Liking” on Facebook

First the down: When you “Like” something on Facebook – it is public. Completely, utterly public. As in everyone – including search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo – gets to see it. Once upon a time, if you liked a comment or a link or a photograph, that information was displayed only to the […]

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Unvarnished: Cyber-bullying Grows Up

Think of Yelp in a ski mask meeting LinkedIn in a dark alley. The result of this violent encounter is now a social network called Unvarnished.  Libel.com must have been taken.  Unvarnished will soon be causing lots of problems for everyone.  And I mean everyone.  Right now it is in beta and invite only, but […]

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Policing Social Media – A Showdown is Looming

It’s easy to criticize the Italian government for convicting three Google executives for a video uploaded to YouTube, but the situation is more complex than it appears. The video in question showed a group of students bullying an autistic child and an Italian court in Milan ruled that the video violated the privacy rights of […]

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Why I Don’t Use Foursquare

Because I watched Will Smith’s “Enemy of the State” back in 1998. In the film, Smith plays a lawyer who accidentally becomes the target of a corrupt politician who runs a secret NSA operation.  Smith tries to escape, but the NSA agents track him down using the latest in surveillance technology – from bugs in […]

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