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Should We Block Big Brother Tactics by Companies?

Gmail reads my emails. … so they can serve me targeted ads. Amazon analyzes my book buying habits. …to serve me up ads via recommendations. Facebook studies my posting habits and likes. …to sell my profile to advertisers so they can target me with ads. Google collects and analyzes my search habits. …to serve me […]

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The Eyes of Lots & Lots of Strangers

They are watching you. And if you install Ghosterly on your browser, “they” will finally have names. Names like KissMetrics, Quantcast, Google Analytics, ChartBeat and MediaMind.  These are just some of the many companies pilfering your data online.  They are watching and recording your every click and then selling it to corporations, governments and private […]

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5 Reasons Why Vine Will Destroy the World

Are you sick of Vine yet? Expect to be as the social media set opines about its latest love affair – six second videos that can instantly be embedded and shared on social networks (most notably Twitter). Here are 5 reasons why Vine will ruin everything. 1. If you think your friends were oversharing photographs […]

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The Merits & Perils of Social Search

What is social search? It’s when you enter a search term in a search engine and it delivers not just search results, but the opinions, commentary and actions of your family, friends and co-workers. So, for example, if I decide to go to a movie and I might search on the “Capital Theater” in Arlington, […]

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Why You Hate Privacy

You’re lazy. Sorry, but it’s true. But you’re not alone.  We’re all lazy. We have consciously – or unconsciously – decided that convenience trumps privacy.  We opt in to social networks without reading the terms.  We let algorithms read our email.  We allow search engine companies to save and archive our searches.  We reveal all […]

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5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic

Only you can decide not to publicly share details about your bowel movements. Yet for many people – yes, Al Roker, we’re referring to you – oversharing has become a disease. An epidemic really. So for those of you still unsure of what you should or should not share, here’s a handy list of five […]

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3 Scary Facts about the Internet

  Ah, the good ole friendly Internet. Hanging with your pals on Facebook.  Tweeting funny quips with co-workers.  Shopping for books on Amazon.  Reading blogs. And, of course, stumbling upon child pornography, criminals stealing your credit card information, and viruses infecting your laptop, malware infiltrating your personal information and spam bursting your email inbox. Ah, […]

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Facebook is NEVER Private

“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin, statesman Facebook gives users the illusion of privacy.  You get to choose your friends and have the ability to regulate your content.  Some people can see this.  Others can see that. But regardless of how you direct traffic on Facebook remember […]

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Google Decides to Kill Privacy

Remember when Google adopted “Don’t Be Evil” as its unofficial motto?  You’ll find that little ditty at a yard sale next to a Bay City Rollers album and a skinny leather tie decorated like a piano. Because this week Google announced it was drastically changing its privacy policy and the side of sharing – and […]

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Invasion of the Privacy Snatchers

  There is a new technology TV commercial airing that unfolds this way: A family is gathered together for a holiday The “uncle” is playing a music-themed video game that requires him to dance in a funny way The niece and nephew secretly film him with a mobile phone and quickly loaded the video onto […]

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