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The Day of Infamy for Newspapers

For the newspapers, July 1, 1980 is a day of infamy. (And no, it isn’t because at the time “Do That To Me One More Time” by Captain & Tennille was one of the biggest hit songs.) July 1, 1980 is the day when the Columbus Dispatch launched the first newspaper website and put free […]

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Should I Pay or Should I Go? Do Newspaper Paywalls Work?

Should newspapers close their free websites and erect paywalls?  A paywall requires readers to pay for access to the newspapers’ news, features, opinions and other content. Paywalls have been met with outright scorn by advocates of “free” information.  They have also had limited success. The Wall Street Journal has been success with its paywall.  But […]

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Google Continues to Roll with Social Search

Google launched Social Search yesterday and at first glance it’s another game changer. Google is on quite a roll adding social media features.  Last month, it launched the controversial Sidewiki application.  At the rate Google is going it will not only own the web, but the social web – by the end of next week. […]

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Rocky Mountain News to Close

The bad news for the newspaper and magazine industry has become a relentless onslaught. The latest victim is the Rocky Mountain News, according to a report in the New York Times.  Corporate owner E.W. Scribbs couldn’t find a buyer (and who would buy a newspaper that lost $16 million last year?) so it will be […]

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