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Content Distribution Starts at Zero

You’ve just developed a great piece of brand content: a video a blog post an infographic a survey How many people are going to see it? Without a content distribution strategy you should expect exactly zero. That’s right. Nada. No one. Zero. The days when you could post content on social channels and expect large […]

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The Hideous Underbelly of Social Media

It’s the real-time aspect of social media that gets people in trouble. Big trouble. Off-hand and rude comments when spoken are generally just ignored by others. Or are quickly retracted when the immediate emotion – usually disgust, anger or disappointment – is over. It doesn’t work that way on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. That […]

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Marketing is the New Journalism

And journalism is the new marketing. For better or worse, we are moving rapidly into a state of brand-produced journalism.  It’s happening on two fronts: Sponsored Content and Brand Publishing Sponsored Content There’s no doubt traditional media companies are dropping like flies.  Circulations and subscriptions have flat-lined – print advertising revenue is moving to digital […]

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Is Google Plus a Total Flop?

It might be.  Why?  No one goes there. Oh, people pass through.  Kind of like that old, steel-plated diner off the interstate that draws truckers, wary vacation travelers and the occasional weary salesman.  The all-day breakfast is okay, but it’s not a destination for dining and you might want to be sure you’ve got a […]

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Has the Timeline Improved Facebook for Brands?

  It has – dramatically – if you’re Facebook. For brands, the switch to the Timeline format spells big changes – both good and bad. First the good news.  Facebook is placing a premium on storytelling.  As my colleague Ben Rissman notes: “This means that brands (more than ever) now need to be storytellers – […]

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Facebook is NEVER Private

“Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin, statesman Facebook gives users the illusion of privacy.  You get to choose your friends and have the ability to regulate your content.  Some people can see this.  Others can see that. But regardless of how you direct traffic on Facebook remember […]

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The Wrath of Everyone & How to Avoid It

If you’re a brand (or a celebrity) and you make a mistake on a social network then expect the following: Righteous fury directed right at you in a sudden firestorm Personal insults and questions about your intelligence, character and integrity Lectures from social media “experts” (usually in the form of condescending blog posts) providing you […]

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You Can’t Measure Influence

For a very good reason: We’re all human beings. And because of that we’re all different.  We don’t process information in the same ways.  We approach ideas and concepts from unique perspectives.  As a result, we are all influenced differently. That’s why articles or studies that claim to reveal “The 10 Most Influential [Insert Blogger/Tweeter/Vlogger/Social […]

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TechCrunch, AOL & Disappointment

I’m disappointed by the sale of TechCrunch to AOL. TechCrunch, for those not familiar with it, is one of the most influential technology blogs in the industry.  The site, which aggressively covers technology start-ups and social media innovation, regularly gets about 2.3 million visitors a month, according to Compete.com.  TechCrunch, under the domineering direction of […]

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Will Social News Sites Finally Work?

Digg.com is betting on it. I’ve never been a big user of Digg.com or other social news sites.  I much prefer getting recommendations for news stories from more trusted sources via Twitter and Facebook. If you are unfamiliar with Digg.com – it is a social networking site that allows users to post articles, videos and […]

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