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Won’t Get Fooled Again (Except the Next Time)

CBS News.  Sports Illustrated.  The New York Times.  ESPN.  The New York Post.  The Los Angeles Times. All of them – and many, many more media outlets – fooled by a terrible and cruel hoax that could have been discovered with a few phone calls or a search on Google. If this is the state […]

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5 Ways to Avoid the Oversharing Epidemic

Only you can decide not to publicly share details about your bowel movements. Yet for many people – yes, Al Roker, we’re referring to you – oversharing has become a disease. An epidemic really. So for those of you still unsure of what you should or should not share, here’s a handy list of five […]

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Traditional channels are sinking, but online is floating pretty.

Traditional Media Becoming Obsolete, Not the Media Itself

Here are the facts: Newspapers circulation numbers are falling like a rock.  The New York Times daily circulation in 1990 was 1.1 million and is now less than 900,000.  The Los Angeles Times circulation dropped from 1.25 million in 1990 to less than 600,000 The big three TV networks accounted for more than 45% of […]

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Newspapers Spin the Bad Circulation News

How bad is business in the newspaper business? The Audit Bureau of Circulation released a report this week that newspaper circulation had dropped 5 percent in the last six months.  However, the bureau noted that the bleeding was less severe than in the previous six months.  This was greeted by the nation’s daily newspapers as […]

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3 Lessons from “United Breaks Guitars”

The YouTube video “United Breaks Guitars” is example of why corporations continue to fear social media.  But what it should really do is get them to stop fearing it – and start participating in it.  It’s no longer an option to sit on the sidelines. Here’s the United Airlines story in a nutshell: David Carroll, […]

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