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Do You Have a Right to Pornography?

There’s a lot of porn on the Internet. Maybe you’ve noticed by “accidentally” stumbling upon it. Some of it is done tastefully, some of it is quite grotesque. Most of it leaves you feeling icky (or so I’ve heard). But the biggest problem with online pornography is that it is so accessible. Without a filter […]

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Will You Pay for Online Content?

In real life we pay. For movies. For books. For newspapers. For music. But something happens to us when we get online.  Our wallets tighten. Paywalls aggravate us.  Shelling out money for apps and music is an annoyance.  I have some friends who are outraged by apps that cost more than $0.99 when they have […]

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Should We Block Big Brother Tactics by Companies?

Gmail reads my emails. … so they can serve me targeted ads. Amazon analyzes my book buying habits. …to serve me up ads via recommendations. Facebook studies my posting habits and likes. …to sell my profile to advertisers so they can target me with ads. Google collects and analyzes my search habits. …to serve me […]

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Why Tech Companies Love Patents & Hate Copyrights

Technology companies adore patents. They gobble them up like Pac-Man snacking on digital pellets. And they use the patents like clubs to bludgeon everyone and anyone who dares “to violate” them.  Patent battles are making headlines everywhere.  As a recent Boston Globe article noted: “Patents have become a costly and controversial part of the business […]

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Consider the Source

We have a humorous saying at the office: “It must be true.  I read it on the Internet.” The reason this saying is so damn amusing is because, well, the Internet lies a lot. And the problem is that lots of people believe what they read – without checking the source.  This is the result […]

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The Myth of Information Overload

Yes, my email inbox is out of control.  Some days I simply can’t keep up with deluge. I follow too many people on Twitter.  My feed sometimes resembles the falling numerals from the movie “The Matrix.” Facebook has gone from just friends to colleagues, acquaintances and, well, for lack of a better term “others.”  So […]

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Social Media = Closed Networks

By now every has likely heard about Twitter suspending the account of journalist Guy Adams of The Independent for the crime of rankling NBC’s collective ego by disparaging the network’s Olympic coverage. Adams tweeted out the corporate email address of a NBC executive as part of his ongoing complaints about the coverage. Twitter flagged the […]

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3 Scary Facts about the Internet

  Ah, the good ole friendly Internet. Hanging with your pals on Facebook.  Tweeting funny quips with co-workers.  Shopping for books on Amazon.  Reading blogs. And, of course, stumbling upon child pornography, criminals stealing your credit card information, and viruses infecting your laptop, malware infiltrating your personal information and spam bursting your email inbox. Ah, […]

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Getting Rational on SOPA

The debate on the Stop Online Piracy Act (known as SOPA) has jumped the shark.  SOPA and its companion bill Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) were both shelved recently by Congress and the Senate after a frenzied protest by dozens of websites and Internet companies including Google, Wikipedia and Facebook. The goal of the bills […]

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What the Heck is SOPA?

If you’re online today – or on Twitter or Facebook – you’ve likely seen the acronym SOPA.  You may have also noticed that several website including Google, Wikipedia and Yahoo have altered their sites to protest SOPA.  Check out the blacked out Google logo above. What’s going on? SOPA stands for the Stop Online Privacy […]

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