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How to Love Your iPhone more than People

Dear Mobile Phone User: I know you love it. I can tell by the way you carry it around all the time. The way you lovingly gaze at the screen as if it were a new-born baby – but only better. Even more telling is the way the panic contorts your facial expression when – […]

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10 Signs That You Need to Unplug

1. You use the word retweet instead of repeat in casual conversation. 2. You actually say to someone: “I just read something about that on Facebook.” 3. The distant sound of a mobile phone ring makes you check your own phone for an incoming call (extra points if you do this after hearing a mobile […]

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The Greatest Most Accurate Predictions about Social Media Ever Made

Bank on these predictions coming true in 2013.  Guaranteed. (Or your money back.) Facebook can’t monetize and decides to shut down operations Every gray-haired CMO says, “I told you so” Zuckerberg announces new social network called Stalkbook for guys to share photos of girlfriends in bikinis All the cows die in Farmville Twitter increases character […]

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10 Reasons to be Thankful for Digital & Social Media

The best part of Thanksgiving? Turkey slathered in cranberry sauce, stuffing and gravy.  And football, of course.  Lots of football. Well, there’s also that part about reflecting on what you’re thankful for.  So to honor the holiday of Thanksgiving the right way here are 10 reasons to be thankful for digital media. But first I […]

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23 Signs That You’ve Become a Blogger

Here is what happens to you when you become a blogger: You age prematurely Deep-seeded anxiety grows every day you don’t post something new Everything becomes a metaphor for blogging Your breath gets bad – and then the headaches start You learn to repeat yourself in creative ways WordPress and SEO become obsessions You steal […]

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O Twitter How Thou Can Annoy!

  We all have pet peeves.  Behaviors and actions that annoy or irritate us more than they should.  When we witness these pet peeves in action they get us, well, peevish. Thus the name. There is no medium that fully showcases pet peeves quite like Twitter.  There are absolutely dozens of ways we can irritate […]

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1 Lesson on Social Media from a Salami Sandwich

  This post is a celebration of the absurd.  And how all of us can S T R E T C H a metaphor until it snaps. Social media is new – or at least is relatively new – and constantly evolving.  It’s a constant battle to explain, justify, and provide context and insight on […]

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The “Like” Button Needs Some Friends

The “Like” button has become an iconic symbol of content sharing on social networks.  It is the virtual expression of approval and agreement.  A way to pass along a piece of content – be it photo, application, article or blog post – to our friends, family and co-workers. But there are challenges with the “Like” […]

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How to Spot a Social Media Consultant

American Social Media Consultant Digitus Guruist (Often mistaken for the American Hipster, but never for the Ass-Throated North American Attorney.) Habitat   The American Social Media Consultant (also known as “Digital Guru,” “Aren’t You In IT?” and “Do You Know How To Download Apps?”) originated on the West Coast of the United States in the […]

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The Punishment for Failing to Use Social Media is Death

Not using social media is akin to marketing malpractice.  Any communications or marketing professional who is NOT actively engaged in social media should be immediately fired. And after being fired they should never be allowed to work in marketing and communications ever again.  They should be banned from the practice and their names published on […]

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