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Social Media Should be the Center – Not an Outpost

Recently, I met with a new client to discuss social media (hey, it’s what I do). We had an exchange that went something like this: ME: What is your process for writing and distributing press releases? CLIENT: We have a great process.  The communications team meets every month to discuss the pipeline of news.  We […]

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The Inside Track on Social Shopping

Right now there are two primary tracts for social shopping. For lack of better terms let’s identify and define them thus: Social Shopping Services Social Storefronts Social Shopping Services These are the third-party services that rely on cool technology, social networking and crowdsourcing to offer exclusive deals to their members. This category includes LivingSocial and […]

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Think of the Send Button as a Privacy Vaporizer

Kind of like a ray gun.  Because when you press send your privacy is gone.  You have officially gone public. This includes the send button for email, instant messaging, text messaging, Twitter DMs, Facebook messages, voicemail and anything posted to a social network or an online forum. This week I was interviewed for a Boston […]

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3 Myths About Using Social Media

There is still a lot of disconnect among businesses and organizations about how to properly use social media platforms to create a community or an audience online. Here are three stubborn myths that refuse to go away as more companies and organizations head to the web. Myth #1: Community is out there waiting for you […]

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