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Facebook has Evolved into a Personalized Newspaper

At a recent meeting with a Facebook representative, he said something that really struck me: “The News Feed has really developed into the daily newspaper of our lives.” It’s true.  Think about the way we now peruse Facebook – much like how we used to read newspapers. We scroll Facebook at various points in the […]

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Balance Continues to Undermine Journalism

Balance in journalism needs to be reassessed.  It damages the fundamental purpose of journalism, which is to provide readers with the truth, and has led to a proliferation of misinformation. The latest example is the increasing numbers of the people who believe President Obama was born in Africa.  A recent poll showed that nearly half […]

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Is American Journalism Working Anymore?

Peter Finley Dunn, the late writer and humorist, once described the role of journalism to “comfort the afflicted, afflict the comfortable.” When I was a journalist, Dunn’s quote was at the heart of how I practiced the craft.  I believed deeply in Dunn’s assessment and even scribbled the quote onto my journalism notebooks as a […]

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Why is Facebook so Important?

Because it’s where masses of people are congregating online.  It has become the online clubhouse of choice for more than 500 million people. The statistics for Facebook simply can’t be ignored: 50 percent of users log in every day Users spend 700 billion minutes a month there The average user creates 90 pieces of content […]

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