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Journalism Ethics in the 86,400-second News Cycle

It is difficult to imagine the ethical journey for journalists who would authorize hacking into a missing teenage girl’s mobile phone in order to scour the content for a salacious headline. Worse is when these same journalists then delete messages from a full voicemail box so that additional messages could be left behind – giving […]

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We are Living in the Age of Hyper Speed

Good luck keeping up. News, events and crises move like a flash of lightning.  As a communicator or a marketer, you can find yourself neck-deep in trouble because you decided to walk to the sub shop next door to pick-up your lunch. Today’s case in point: Entenmann’s. The pastry maker published a tweet yesterday to […]

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The Savage Power of a Customer Review

Why do people like to write online reviews?  Why are they compelled share their experiences – even with products as mundane as pens and food containers? Here are a couple of reasons I’ve identified: People enjoy being helpful.  They want to inform others if a product lives up to or surpasses their expectations.  And, of […]

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Facebook's got the power.

Good-bye Internet, Hello Social Web

Once upon a time the web was wide open.  To explore it, web travelers used search engines like Yahoo and Google.  They “browsed” the web by entering topics of interest like football, knitting or English literature into search boxes. They pressed the “search” button and whatever popped up in the list of search results was […]

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