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Is Google Plus a Total Flop?

It might be.  Why?  No one goes there. Oh, people pass through.  Kind of like that old, steel-plated diner off the interstate that draws truckers, wary vacation travelers and the occasional weary salesman.  The all-day breakfast is okay, but it’s not a destination for dining and you might want to be sure you’ve got a […]

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Rules for Social Connecting

I’m constantly amazed by the number of LinkedIn connection requests that I receive – from people I’ve never met. But I shouldn’t be. People have different criteria for connecting on social media channels.  For me, LinkedIn is a place to connect with people – mostly colleagues and business partners – that I’ve done business with.  […]

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That Buzzing Sound in Your Inbox

Perhaps Google called it Buzz because that’s the sound of a chainsaw. The chainsaw you want to take to your Gmail Inbox. Google announced Google Buzz this week – a Twitter/FriendFeed hybrid that lives inside of Gmail.  The advantage of Buzz is that it allows you to instantly connect to the people you already communicate  […]

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Real-Time Search Changes Online Content

One of the biggest challenges of collecting information on the web is the question of authority. When Google or Bing turns your inquiry into a string of results – the real inquiry should begin: Is the information accurate? Is the source biased or trusted? Is the source creditable? Are the sources cited creditable? What reporting […]

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My Favorite Social Networks

One of the laments I often get from busy executives goes like this: “How do these people have time to be Twittering all the time?” You can insert “Facebooking” or “blogging” or “social networking” in place of “Twittering.” The point is that many executives think of personal social networking as a sinkhole.  The equivalent of […]

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Facebook’s Really, Wicked Big Challenge

Facebook’s biggest strength is also its greatest weakness.  And it can be summed up in one word: Intimacy. Facebook is a place for personal connections.  People share photographs of their children.  They discuss vacations with friends.  They share funny links or a music video.  Most people know the people they befriend on Facebook.  That’s why […]

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Social Media isn’t Free

You can “Free Willy.” Sometimes you can wrangle a free lunch. Wired‘s controversial editor Chris Anderson even started giving away free copies of his book “Free” (after he sold a lot of them first). But here is one thing that is not for free.  Social media. Oh, you can start a Twitter or Facebook account […]

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How the Pitch Has Changed

In the good old days – you know – way back before that newfangled Twitter thingy and that gosh-darned Facebook contraption, pitching the media used to relatively simple process.  Or at least not complicated. That because journalists either worked for print publications, radio stations or broadcast outlets.  You pitched them stories for their medium – […]

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Why Aren’t Social Media Companies Making Money?

Because they give their best stuff away for free. Why buy an ad on Facebook when a company can create an interactive, multimedia Facebook page and engage directly with consumers or customers for free?  What display ad can do that? I recently attended a social media conference that featured a sales executive from Facebook.  He […]

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Lifestreaming? Really?

Posterous brings the prospect of “lifestreaming” to reality.  Other services like FriendFeed, Twitter and Facebook are heading in that direction as well.  The concept is simple: Instant updates posted on an online platform that aggregates and organizes your content. It’s an organized system for pictures, videos, “tweets” and longer blog posts.  All them contained in […]

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