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CNET & the Myth of Impartial Journalism

No one loves journalism as much as journalists. Unfortunately this love affair with their own profession – and the imagined pedestal they place it upon – makes them blind to the faults that everyone else takes for granted. Case in point: The tempest in a teapot over at CNET that has journalists – but few […]

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3 (Other) Reasons Why Journalism is Broken

Pundits spend a lot of time lamenting how the Internet has undermined journalism.  There’s an argument for that.  But there’s a better argument that the web has revealed some long-time industry flaws that have slowly been eroding the public’s faith in journalism for many years. Last week, a Gallup poll showed that 57 percent of […]

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Balance is Unnecessary for Good Journalism

Here’s what “balanced” reporting can beget: The birthers.  A large group of right-wing conspiracy theorists who mistakenly believe that President Obama was born in Africa and doesn’t have a legitimate U.S. birth certificate.  Yet Hawaiian officials deny those claims and have produced copies of Obama’s birth certificate. Death panels.  The claim by members of the […]

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