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Fewer Choices, Please…

Let me set the stage: Amazon Instant Video has more than 40,000 movies and TV shows Kindle offers more than one million book titles Google Play has 1.5 million apps Spotify offers 20 million songs (including 4 million that have never been play even once) There are 157 “white” colors available from Benjamin Moore (and if […]

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Has the Timeline Improved Facebook for Brands?

  It has – dramatically – if you’re Facebook. For brands, the switch to the Timeline format spells big changes – both good and bad. First the good news.  Facebook is placing a premium on storytelling.  As my colleague Ben Rissman notes: “This means that brands (more than ever) now need to be storytellers – […]

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Pawngo Stunt is an Example of “Vile” Marketing

Today most of New England is still bruised from the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  For the last 48-hours the city that has been spoiled by championships in football, baseball, basketball and hockey in the last decade was numb at the sudden and heart-breaking loss by the Patriots. You can feel it […]

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The Great Media Collapse of 2009: Part 2

Back in March I predicted 2009 to be the year of the Great Media Collapse. That the powerful forces of the global economic meltdown, plummeting advertising costs, and the shift of readers from print to the web would force seismic changes on traditional media. It’s been even worse than I thought.  Are we sure it […]

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Ugly Week for Print Media

It was a terrible week for the mainstream media in a year that I’ve called the Great Media Collapse of 2009.  The struggling economy, plummeting ad sales, and the proliferation of content on the web as been a 1-2-3 punch that the traditional press has been unable to withstand. But the news this week seemed […]

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Portfolio Magazine to Shutdown

The Great Media Collapse of 2009 continues unabated.  Latest victim: the upscale business magazine Portfolio. Despite having collected more than 450,000 subscribers in two years, the magazine launched by Conde Nast to compete with Fortune and Forbes will lay-off more than 80 workers and then close in May.  Portfolio hit the market with a lot […]

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