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6 Simple Tips to Make People Share Your Content

The secret to getting people to share your content is easy: Make it concise and compelling. And then syndicate the content on various online and social channels to make it easy to find. But there are specific tips you can use to make people more willing to share your content.  Here are six ways (there […]

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Employers Are Checking Your Social Media Profile – Right Now

I have a colleague who is a conservative living in primarily liberal Massachusetts (yes, Scott Brown’s election didn’t change that fact).  Like many professionals in this grueling economy, he’s currently between jobs.  He’s networking, polishing his resume, and interviewing for what’s next for him.  Recently, however, curious about his online profile, he “Googled” himself. A […]

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Weighing in on Kevin Smith

Sorry, I couldn’t resist the headline. In case you missed it, Hollywood Director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Dogma) was bounced from a Southwest Airline flight for being too fat.  This happened on Saturday when Smith was on stand-by for a flight from Oakland to Burbank. He was boarded and seated, but then removed when […]

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Loneliness, Social Networking & Media Distortion

It’s unfortunate to read sentences like this one: “Social-networking sites like Facebook and MySpace may provide people with a false sense of connection that ultimately increases loneliness in people who feel alone.” That’s from a recent Newsweek article called “Lonely Planet: Isolation Increases in the U.S.” The premise of the story is that despite our […]

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The Shot(s) Heard Round the World

Three little words and a question mark: “The MT curse?” This was the tweet John Henry, the owner of the Red Sox, sent out last week after the Red Sox defeated the New York Yankees.  He was referring to the Yankees’ $180 million dollar, off-season acquisition, Mark Teixeira.  An irritated Teixeira responded (according to USA […]

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