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What’s Wrong with Facebook? You Can’t Scale

And that’s ultimately the problem with every social network. The more friends you get. The more brands, bands, movies, books, groups, restaurants, and organizations you like – the less you’ll see of all their content – even if you want it. You, my friends, have limits. There’s only so much “content” that Facebook can deliver […]

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Do You Have a Right to Pornography?

There’s a lot of porn on the Internet. Maybe you’ve noticed by “accidentally” stumbling upon it. Some of it is done tastefully, some of it is quite grotesque. Most of it leaves you feeling icky (or so I’ve heard). But the biggest problem with online pornography is that it is so accessible. Without a filter […]

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The Death of the Deadline

One of the enormous changes in journalism during the “internet age” has been the loss of the deadline. The impact of this demise has been significant, but rarely discussed.  Yet it may be one of the biggest in changes in the way journalists research, write and publish news stories. When I started as a  journalist […]

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The Myth of Information Overload

Yes, my email inbox is out of control.  Some days I simply can’t keep up with deluge. I follow too many people on Twitter.  My feed sometimes resembles the falling numerals from the movie “The Matrix.” Facebook has gone from just friends to colleagues, acquaintances and, well, for lack of a better term “others.”  So […]

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The Demise of Traditional Filters

  In many ways, traditional filters made it so much easier to find and consume content.  Traditional filters also came with the benefit of having a stamp of approval.  We knew the content had been, well, filtered. Take newspapers. Newspapers filter news and information for us.  Editors and journalists cover news they believed is important […]

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Filters in the Age of Media Bombardment

Forget 24/7 news cycle. Try 604,800 second news cycle (yes, that’s the number of seconds in a week). Forget the 40-hour work week. Try 168-hour work week.  Oh, you don’t work the entire 168-hours in an average week, but if you work in an executive position anywhere that’s the number of hours you’re “on call.”  […]

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Do PR Agencies Need Filters?

Or more specifically do PR agencies need to build internal filtering systems for the content they create for clients? This week Weber Shandwick CEO Harris Diamond swung by the Cambridge office of Weber Shandwick. (Disclosure: I work at Weber Shandwick and Harris is my boss – although I do not report directly to him). During […]

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