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The Never Ending Battle Against Spam

My personal email address is a mess. A big, stinky pile of spam – most of which I never opted in for – crowding out the messages from friends and family that I really do want to read.  So I recently spent almost an hour unsubscribing from marketing emails from dozens of brands and organizations […]

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The Downfall of Social Media

It was inevitable. Because social media is not the end all be all. Social media won’t cure your marketing woes. Social media will not make you more popular. And social media will not cure cancer. Social media is a channel (or more accurately several channels) and it always has been. Just like television, radio, email and websites. Facebook, […]

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Why “Likes” Matter

Nothing causes as much consternation as a Facebook “like.” Marketers want to give it a value.  Sales guys want to monetize it.  Communicators want to measure it. But the simple fact is that few people understand it. So what is a like?  What does it mean when a Facebook user “likes” something? First, you need […]

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4 Myths of Social Media Authenticity

One of the great big whopping lies about social media is authenticity. Because – let’s face it – there isn’t much that’s authentic about social media. There’s lots of spin, cherry-picking, and bright-side propaganda from both individuals and brands going on. Few people and brands are truly genuine about their attitudes, personalities and opinions on […]

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You’re Not Married to Your Social Networks – You’re Just Dating

Because if history is any guide – social networks come and go.  Mostly go. So don’t go off and get hitched. As my astute colleague Greg Swan recently noted: “You would think the track record of social network migration (i.e. users emigrating from Compuserve to AOL, AOL to Friendster, Friendster to MySpace, more recently MySpace […]

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What the Heck is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is when a brand creates content and shares it. It’s different from “regular” content (whatever that is) because its goal is to attract and engage consumers. Content marketing has been around since the beginning of PR and advertising.  It used to come in the form of company newsletters, advertorials, user conferences, company magazines […]

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3 Ways to Save Journalism from Extinction

Let this statistic sink in for a moment. Total number of journalists in the U.S.: 40,000 Total number of Google employees: 54,000 Google was founded in 1998.  Journalism may have died around the same time. Try this one on for size. There are 3.6 public relations professionals for every single journalist.  Nearly 4 to 1. […]

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The Great Media Collapse Has Been Epic

The business of journalism and news reporting isn’t much of a business anymore.  The damage – like a super hurricane battering a low-lying coastal village – has been epic. The collapse, which started in earnest in 2009, has continued unabated since.  By the end of this decade we’ll be lucky if any of the huts […]

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“The Best Personalized Newspaper in the World”

That’s a quote by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg describing Facebook’s newly redesigned News Feed. Amazing, isn’t it? Facebook wants to be a newspaper while its busy putting real newspapers out of business. Oh, the irony. Facebook’s business model is about selling ads around content.  But Facebook doesn’t create any content.  It’s users do by uploading […]

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Why a “Like” Doesn’t Matter Except When It Does

Too many brands troll for likes. And that’s because the people who manage the Facebook pages – be they internal or external – are often measured by the number of “likes” the content generates. And that’s why brands often post compelling content like this (actual posts – names withheld to protect the guilty): Remember having […]

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