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Won’t Get Fooled Again (Except the Next Time)

CBS News.  Sports Illustrated.  The New York Times.  ESPN.  The New York Post.  The Los Angeles Times. All of them – and many, many more media outlets – fooled by a terrible and cruel hoax that could have been discovered with a few phone calls or a search on Google. If this is the state […]

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It’s Not About Social Networks

At a recent client meeting Google+ came up in conversation.  The client asked: “Do we need a strategy for Google+ yet?” I started to answer, but then I stopped myself. “No,” I finally said.  “You don’t.  You don’t need specific strategies for social networks.  They are channels and at the end of the day channels […]

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Share Your Favorite Apps!

The scene has become quite common.  Two geeks meet at a bar, at a conference, at the airport or in a restaurant and then out pop the smart phones (which they wear like six shooters on their hips) – iPhones, Droids, etc… And then the app swap begins. “What’s you favorite work app?” “What’s your […]

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Charging for Local “News” Content

The Telegram & Gazette in Worcester, Massachusetts is embarking on a risky proposition.  It will begin to charge readers for online news stories produced by its editors and reporters (while supposedly keeping wire copy and other syndicated content free). The T&G is one of the largest daily newspapers in New England and covers the state’s […]

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