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The Hideous Underbelly of Social Media

It’s the real-time aspect of social media that gets people in trouble. Big trouble. Off-hand and rude comments when spoken are generally just ignored by others. Or are quickly retracted when the immediate emotion – usually disgust, anger or disappointment – is over. It doesn’t work that way on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. That […]

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Devoured by Technology

There are consequences to over indulgence. No matter what it is. There’s real physical consequences such as: Eat too much – you become obese. Drink too much – you become an alcoholic. Over indulgence leads to addiction. Our modern age has invented a whole new range of addictions: pornography and video games to name two. […]

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National Tragedies Are For People, Not Brands

Here’s the definition of a no-win situation. A brand using a national tragedy to engage with fans on social networks. The opportunity to offend is very high. Yesterday, on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, several brands decided to weigh in with their thoughts about the terrorist attacks on that fateful day, including a diaper company, […]

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The Online Plague of Profanity is Everywhere

There’s too much profanity online. This observation comes from a person who is known to swear in person more often than he should. However, one thing I don’t do, is use profanity online or on my social channels. In my opinion profanity is a cop-out. It’s lazy when you can’t think of a more expressive […]

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I Wish You Weren’t Here: Social Media & Vacations

At the beach the other day, two young women sat at the edge of the surf, smiled broadly, and took selfies of themselves to post on Facebook. I watched the whole thing develop. I know a few things their friends on Facebook probably don’t. It had just rained The water was freezing (they only sat […]

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Why You Hate Privacy

You’re lazy. Sorry, but it’s true. But you’re not alone.  We’re all lazy. We have consciously – or unconsciously – decided that convenience trumps privacy.  We opt in to social networks without reading the terms.  We let algorithms read our email.  We allow search engine companies to save and archive our searches.  We reveal all […]

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Technology is the Enemy of Creativity

Everyone loves Apple.  And Google.  There’s a warm fuzzy about Facebook, too.  When people see Amazon walking down the street they give it high fives. Everyone hates the music industry.  And newspapers.  Those cheeky, know-it-all hacks.  When people see book publishers walking down the street they roll their eyes at them.  And forget Hollywood.  Those […]

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Social Media Will Not Cure Cancer

One aspect of social media I dislike immensely is the sense of magical thinking hovers about it.  Some of the medium’s most rabid advocates possess a spooky evangelical zeal about digital communications. At times it can feel like snake-oil salesmen who promise miraculous cures. That’s why it’s not usual to find bold proclamations that social […]

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Social Media is a Requirement

  Overheard at the gym. SCENE: A middle-aged man talking to a woman about a recent job interview. GUY: He asked me if I had a Facebook page. WOMAN: Do you? GUY:  No, of course not.  Who has a Facebook page?  I mean besides kids? ———————— I’m going to hazard a wild guess that our […]

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There’s No Room for Thank You in Social Media

I get a lot of email.  An awful lot.  Often it feels like my inbox is a waterfall.  The flow of water (with an occasional submerged log) pours down on my head all day long. One of my pet peeves is the “Thank You” email.  You’ve probably gotten these as well.  An email goes out […]

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