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“Oh, son of a…! That’s gonna leave a mark!

The headline of this post is a quote from the 1995 comedy “Tommy Boy.” But it could have been the shouts of frustration emanating from the offices of JPMorgan’s communications team yesterday. In a move that has many people scratching their heads, JPMorgan, the largest investment bank in the United States, decided to hold Twitter […]

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Reputation Can Be Lost in an Instant on Social Media

Here was the right answer: “We feature families who love pasta in our commercials. That’s because we make the best pasta in the world. Anyone who loves pasta – no matter your color or sexual orientation – has a home with Barilla.” Here was the wrong answer: “For us, the sacral family remains one of […]

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Why Brands Should Resist Participating in National Tragedies

Every weekday a popular retailer sends out an 11 a.m. daily deal email to subscribers.  Yesterday there was no daily deal. Just a branded message to its subscribers, which said: “For the lives lost at Sandy Hook.  We grieve.  We remember.  We honor.” Then the brand listed all of the first names of the children killed […]

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File Under: Facebook Weird

Bizarre stuff happens on Facebook. And mostly it’s because people forget that nothing is private on Facebook.  The latest case of what can only to called “Facebook weird” happened this week on the Pigalle restaurant Facebook page. An unhappy diner posted a complaint on the page (which has since been removed).  She described her Thanksgiving […]

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Pawngo Stunt is an Example of “Vile” Marketing

Today most of New England is still bruised from the Patriots loss in the Super Bowl on Sunday.  For the last 48-hours the city that has been spoiled by championships in football, baseball, basketball and hockey in the last decade was numb at the sudden and heart-breaking loss by the Patriots. You can feel it […]

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5 Tips for a Social Media Crisis

You can take this to the bank: If you are a brand then you’ll experience a social media crisis. It’s inevitable. Look at it this way.  No brand in existence – not even the most popular and best-loved brands in the world – has ever avoided a negative phone call, a snarky email, a compliant […]

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The Wrath of Everyone & How to Avoid It

If you’re a brand (or a celebrity) and you make a mistake on a social network then expect the following: Righteous fury directed right at you in a sudden firestorm Personal insults and questions about your intelligence, character and integrity Lectures from social media “experts” (usually in the form of condescending blog posts) providing you […]

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We are Living in the Age of Hyper Speed

Good luck keeping up. News, events and crises move like a flash of lightning.  As a communicator or a marketer, you can find yourself neck-deep in trouble because you decided to walk to the sub shop next door to pick-up your lunch. Today’s case in point: Entenmann’s. The pastry maker published a tweet yesterday to […]

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A Single Tweet Can Cause A lot of Damage

We want companies to freely use social media. We demand honesty, transparency and authenticity from them on those channels. And then punish them accordingly when they do so. The latest example of this great social hypocrisy happened to Kenneth Cole, the chairman and chief creative officer of a shoe company of the same name.  Cole’s […]

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This Tweet Brought to You By…

PR vs. Advertising The two disciplines have had an uneasy alliance for the last few years because of social media.  On the agency side, advertising and PR companies want to own the social space. Both see social media as a natural extensions of what they already do: Advertisers see social media as an additional channel […]

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