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Content First, Website Second

No one goes to websites anymore, except when they do. Sounds nuts, I know, but let me explain. I don’t purposely visit many websites anymore, especially websites that produce their own content. You probably don’t either. The idea of going directly to a website and exploring its content is becoming an old-fashioned notion. That just […]

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The Greatest Most Accurate Predictions about Social Media Ever Made

Bank on these predictions coming true in 2013.  Guaranteed. (Or your money back.) Facebook can’t monetize and decides to shut down operations Every gray-haired CMO says, “I told you so” Zuckerberg announces new social network called Stalkbook for guys to share photos of girlfriends in bikinis All the cows die in Farmville Twitter increases character […]

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Content Curation is Not an Artform

I used to make mixed tapes when I was in college.  I recorded playlists of music to match a mood or the personality of the person I was making the tape for. I’m proud to admit that I was good at it, probably because I was a disc jockey for the college radio station.  There’s […]

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Collecting Content Isn’t An Art – Creating It Is

Woe to the content curator! This is how askew the conversation on content aggregation and curation has gotten. Content curators (people and companies that scan the web for interesting articles, photographs and videos that are created by other people and post them on their own sites) are upset that they are not getting enough credit […]

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Is Curating Content the Elegant Art of Theft?

Longform.org is a private company – despite the dot-org in its URL.  The company curates content – in this case long-form journalism from magazines and newspapers.  The company selects what it deems the best in the category and presents the articles in a beautiful and elegant format that makes them easy to read on mobile […]

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