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The 3 Primary Ways People Discover New Content

Why waste your time buying advertising? Advertising is what most people try to avoid. They hate commercials (except at the Super Bowl). They hate pop up ads. They hate billboards. Let’s face it – they hate advertising. It’s also a terrible way to introduce people to your content. What’s better? A distribution strategy that mixes […]

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Why Your Brand Content Really Matters

Here is how more people, especially young people, consume content. 1. They search for it. On Google mostly. Google has become a daily newspaper, Farmer’s Almanac and encyclopedia all rolled into one. When they want information or news they plug-in the keywords and press enter. 2. They have it recommended to them. On Facebook and […]

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Only Dead Old People Read the News

Where O where have younger readers gone? Probably to Buzzfeed. Or to YouTube. Maybe they’re making a Vine. Or texting their friends. Or playing a video game. One thing is certain. Millennials probably aren’t reading your news. Why? They don’t like news. At least that’s the conclusion of a new research study by Pew Research. […]

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Chipotle “Ad” isn’t an “Ad”

Everyone is crowing (sorry, bad pun) about the new Chipotle ad. Except for one thing. It’s not an ad. Ads are 30 to 60 second spots that appear on television. Or 10-15 second spots that pop up when you are web browsing. Their purpose – generally – is to sell you something. The Chipotle “ad” […]

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Will You Pay for Online Content?

In real life we pay. For movies. For books. For newspapers. For music. But something happens to us when we get online.  Our wallets tighten. Paywalls aggravate us.  Shelling out money for apps and music is an annoyance.  I have some friends who are outraged by apps that cost more than $0.99 when they have […]

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Paid, Earned or Owned? It Doesn’t Really Matter!

On digital and social channels one thing matters: Results. For the most part what constitutes a result is grabbing the attention of your audience. That audience can be customers, employees, media, influencers or all of the above. That attention you’re grabbing comes in many shapes and forms as well: likes, followers, fans, interactions, engagement and […]

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How I Would Run a Modern Digital News Room

Take a moment to gaze upon the screenshot above of Boston.com’s homepage. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I see. Chaos. There are literally dozens of places to click (I lost count at 50). It is a headache-inducing jumble – a crushed mash – of information, advertising, news, sponsored content and micro-imagery. I […]

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Begging is not a Distribution Strategy

The old method of getting your corporate “news” distributed: Paying a wire service to distribute your news release Begging news reporters to turn your press release into a news article Okay, maybe begging is a bit of stretch. Public relations consultants don’t necessarily beg. They have other tools to call upon in placing “news” at […]

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6 Seconds vs. 6 Hours

Here’s a question I get all the time: What’s the best length for a YouTube video? First, here is a collection of advice from around the Web: One minute to a minute and a half – Jody Underhill, Upside Down Iceberg Three minutes to three minutes and a half  – Clinton Stark, Stark Insider Aim […]

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Be the News

Stop pitching news stories to the media. Seriously. Instead break your own news. Tell your own story. Take your own photographs. Create your own graphics. Produce your own video. Research your own study. Why give all the good stuff to the media? Especially now. You have your own publishing channels. You have a website – […]

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