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Hurricane Social

  On occasion, I still get an executive who “doesn’t get” social media. There’s the customary eye roll and the insistence that social media is for “teenagers.”  This is usually when they tell me their high school age son or daughter knows more about Facebook than any high-priced, smarty pants consultant. (I think that’s a […]

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This Tweet Brought to You By…

PR vs. Advertising The two disciplines have had an uneasy alliance for the last few years because of social media.  On the agency side, advertising and PR companies want to own the social space. Both see social media as a natural extensions of what they already do: Advertisers see social media as an additional channel […]

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The Power of Voice

When did we all get so angry? When did we stop actually listening and begin waiting for our turn to talk – or in the case lately – waiting for the green light to start screaming? Maybe author David Denby is right and we’ve turning into a nation of snarks. As columnist Maureen Dowd noted […]

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