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Content First, Website Second

No one goes to websites anymore, except when they do. Sounds nuts, I know, but let me explain. I don’t purposely visit many websites anymore, especially websites that produce their own content. You probably don’t either. The idea of going directly to a website and exploring its content is becoming an old-fashioned notion. That just […]

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Facebook is Kinda Sorta Old

Facebook recently turned 10 years old. The most startling statistic about Facebook  out of that milestone was this one: The average age of an American Facebook user is 41. Try to wrap your head around that for a moment. Facebook started out as a network for college students back in 2004. For its first two […]

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“Oh, son of a…! That’s gonna leave a mark!

The headline of this post is a quote from the 1995 comedy “Tommy Boy.” But it could have been the shouts of frustration emanating from the offices of JPMorgan’s communications team yesterday. In a move that has many people scratching their heads, JPMorgan, the largest investment bank in the United States, decided to hold Twitter […]

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Boston, Social Media & the Press

During the horrific week of the Boston Marathon bombings – where the news seem to fly faster than even Twitter – one thing stuck out like a sore thumb: The mainstream media remains the best place to get accurate news. Despite all the cuts, all the closings and the sorry economic state of the mainstream […]

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Journalism’s Addiction: In Love with Journalists

The practice of journalists interviewing journalists has become a pet peeve of mine. So I was irked recently when listening to NPR’s Morning Edition and the host introduced a story about the Egypt reaching the one-year anniversary of Hosni Mubarak being ousted as president. In order to recap the last year and the turmoil Egypt […]

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Hurricane Social

  On occasion, I still get an executive who “doesn’t get” social media. There’s the customary eye roll and the insistence that social media is for “teenagers.”  This is usually when they tell me their high school age son or daughter knows more about Facebook than any high-priced, smarty pants consultant. (I think that’s a […]

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3 Scary Facts about the Internet

  Ah, the good ole friendly Internet. Hanging with your pals on Facebook.  Tweeting funny quips with co-workers.  Shopping for books on Amazon.  Reading blogs. And, of course, stumbling upon child pornography, criminals stealing your credit card information, and viruses infecting your laptop, malware infiltrating your personal information and spam bursting your email inbox. Ah, […]

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The End of Channel Media

CNN used to be a cable news network. The New York Times used to be a newspaper. The Huffington Post used to be a blog. But that’s not the case anymore. CNN, New York Times and the Huffington Post (like almost every other major news organization) are no longer defined by their channels.  This is […]

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We are Living in the Age of Hyper Speed

Good luck keeping up. News, events and crises move like a flash of lightning.  As a communicator or a marketer, you can find yourself neck-deep in trouble because you decided to walk to the sub shop next door to pick-up your lunch. Today’s case in point: Entenmann’s. The pastry maker published a tweet yesterday to […]

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Blogging is Now Part of Journalism

The news this morning that the Huffington Post has been sold to AOL for $315 million begs the question: Is there any difference between a news blog and an online news publication? I’d argue that few people can tell the difference anymore. In fact, the term “blog” may have run its course (with the exception […]

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