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Has the Timeline Improved Facebook for Brands?

  It has – dramatically – if you’re Facebook. For brands, the switch to the Timeline format spells big changes – both good and bad. First the good news.  Facebook is placing a premium on storytelling.  As my colleague Ben Rissman notes: “This means that brands (more than ever) now need to be storytellers – […]

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The Demise of Nice

Corporations more concerned with profits than employees.  Sports teams that want to win even if it means cheating.  Popular culture filled with braggadocio.  Self-centered co-workers.  Snarky comments permeating blog posts and tweets. What happened to being nice? Incivility seems to be permeating all aspects of our society, according to a new survey by Weber Shandwick.  […]

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Measuring Social Media

The answer to the question: “How do I measure social media?” is complicated. Because the answer is: “You can’t, but you can.” The question is really two questions.  You can easily measure social media – because everything about it can be measured.  In fact, it is easier to measure social media than it is to […]

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