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Shot Down in Flames: Good-bye, Boston Phoenix

It’s tempting to talk about the possibility of rebirth from the flames of disaster when discussing the sudden demise of the Boston Phoenix, the once legendary alternative newspaper in Boston. But I’ll spare you. Because the Boston Phoenix is done.  Toast.  A victim of the ongoing Great Media Collapse that started in earnest in 2009. […]

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Facebook Dares to be Uncool

Despite the fact that Facebook’s IPO will likely value the company at more than $100 billion this week (about the same as the GDP of Vietnam), Facebook is no longer the Prom Queen. Just like Fonzie, hula hoops, Cabbage Patch kids, and Coldplay, Facebook isn’t cool anymore. It’s too damn big as it nears one […]

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Boston Newspaper Guild Accepts Cuts from New York Times Co.

The Boston Newspaper Guild overwhelmingly supported a new package of cuts totally $10 million last night.  The vote – 366 in favor and 179 against – gives the New York Times Co., the owners of the Boston Globe, the green light to proceed with an expected sale of the 137-year-old newspaper.  The cuts are deep […]

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Farewell Rock of Boston

Here’s the scene.  Twelve year old boy wearing headphones the size of a football helmet.  He’s lying on his back on the avocado-colored, wall-to-wall carpeting in his bedroom.  The volume is tuned loud and suddenly a reggae-infused rock number kicks in: “Roxanne, you don’t have to put on the red light Those days are over […]

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Boston Globe Shuns Readers

Today is the “alleged” deadline for the Boston Globe unions to provide $20 million in givebacks to the New York Times Co. – or face the prospect of the newspaper being shuttered.  The Globe reported today that the largest union – the Newspaper Guild – has asked for an extension.  But who knows what to […]

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5 Other Reasons the Boston Globe Faces Closure

The urgency I’ve felt about the possible closure of the Boston Globe was put into stark contrast yesterday morning. As I walked home after accompanying my daughter to her elementary school, I was joined by another parent who had just completed the same duty. As we strolled up the street, I mentioned the story that […]

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