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Rules for Social Connecting

I’m constantly amazed by the number of LinkedIn connection requests that I receive – from people I’ve never met. But I shouldn’t be. People have different criteria for connecting on social media channels.  For me, LinkedIn is a place to connect with people – mostly colleagues and business partners – that I’ve done business with.  […]

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Using Social Media for Media Relations

The conversations on social media usually focus on direct-to-consumer marketing or on one-on-one customer service.  One area often neglected is how to use social media to influence the mainstream press. Remember the mainstream press?  You know – ABC News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the thousands of newspapers, trade and […]

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The Demise of Corporate Blogging

No one talks much about corporate blogging anymore.  Blogging is the overlooked social media channel – at least among corporations. Only 79 companies in the Fortune 500 regularly blog as of December, 2009, according to Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki.  That’s less than 16 percent of the world’s largest companies.  Compare that to Twitter.  According […]

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The PR Consquences of Profanity

I wrote about the profanity-laced exchange between tech blogger Mike Arrington and Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz earlier this week.  My post focused on the proliferation of profanity on the internet and on social networks. My colleague Dave Reddy, senior vice president and media director at Weber Shandwick, has an excellent perspective on the issue from […]

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Is Bloomberg the Future of Journalism?

The New York Times recently reported on the uncomfortable fit between Bloomberg News and its new print magazine purchase: BusinessWeek. You may recall that Bloomberg bought BusinessWeek back in October for the price of a New York City condo ($5 million). The Times calls it an “uneasy” marriage.  But I sense they’re just being polite. […]

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Writing is a Slippery Art: 5 Must-Have Writing Books

This quote from Cyril Connolly, a British literary critic and writer, could be the blogger manifesto (even though Connolly died in 1974): “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” Ahem brother! Heck, some days my audience is so small that I need a […]

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How Reliable is Free Online Content?

Is paid content more valuable – and more reliable – than free content? This is an important question in light of Pew Research’s recent survey that most Americans now get their news online.  There’s no doubt that there is plenty of free material available on the Internet that is reliable.  Newspapers, including the New York […]

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Six Ways Blogging Changes Behavior

As a long-time blogger (has it really been four years?) there are amazing and strange ways that the medium changes your behavior.  Below are six ways in which I’ve observed that blogging can change behavior – both good and bad. The World is a Blog Post Bloggers begin to experience everything around them as potential […]

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Let’s Replace Press Releases with Blog Posts

Give Andrew Fowler at Newsvetter credit. Apparently, without the aid of an adrenaline shot, Fowler read through every single press release from the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Why?  He wanted to find an example of an original, creative press release. He failed.  “For a conference that showcases some of the most […]

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Blogging & Thought Leadership

Consider this simple equation: Blogging + Good Content = Thought Leadership Ask yourself this question. Is it possible today to be a thought leader in any space without a blog? I’d argue that it’s possible, but much more difficult.  Blogging has become an essential platform to spread new ideas and to capture a leadership position […]

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