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Boston, Social Media & the Press

During the horrific week of the Boston Marathon bombings – where the news seem to fly faster than even Twitter – one thing stuck out like a sore thumb: The mainstream media remains the best place to get accurate news. Despite all the cuts, all the closings and the sorry economic state of the mainstream […]

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Who Owns & Controls a Brand’s Social Media?

The dust-up over the f-word being accidentally published on a Chrysler’s Twitter account is one of those “here today, gone tomorrow” non-stories. In reality this is about as significant as a politician saying something off-color with a microphone fastened to his tie or an anchorman at a national TV news show swearing while on camera. […]

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A Single Tweet Can Cause A lot of Damage

We want companies to freely use social media. We demand honesty, transparency and authenticity from them on those channels. And then punish them accordingly when they do so. The latest example of this great social hypocrisy happened to Kenneth Cole, the chairman and chief creative officer of a shoe company of the same name.  Cole’s […]

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Old Media Isn’t So Old Anymore

Is old media making a comeback? In fact, is it fair to even refer to traditional media outlets like newspapers and magazines as “old” anymore.  They have infused their online properties with interactive and multimedia elements and syndicate their content on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. For example, the New York Times and […]

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The Great Media Collapse of 2009: Part 2

Back in March I predicted 2009 to be the year of the Great Media Collapse. That the powerful forces of the global economic meltdown, plummeting advertising costs, and the shift of readers from print to the web would force seismic changes on traditional media. It’s been even worse than I thought.  Are we sure it […]

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Google Didn’t Kill Newspapers. Newspapers Did

When the ship is sinking a captain can try two different approaches: Abandon ship and blame everyone else for the tragedy Try everything in his power to save the passengers and crew on board It looks like Les Hinton, publisher of the Wall Street Journal, has decided on the blame game.  This is from Crain’s […]

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AP vs. Google

Old media vs. New media. Ink-stained wretches vs. Internet hipsters. This is an ugly showdown that has been brewing for years.  The Associated Press and other content creators (mostly newspapers) are angry about aggregation engines like Google and Yahoo cashing in on content they haven’t created (basically selling ads to other people’s content).  They are […]

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