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Going Live is Really, Really Hard

For the last two years, I’ve co-led a live broadcast offering for Weber Shandwick. It’s called – ta da! – GoLive. GoLive differs from a regular “live stream” in that it is a produced TV-quality show – scripted, multi-camera and with high-quality roll-in content. A GoLive is interactive and embedded within social media. It’s a […]

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3 Ways to Save Journalism from Extinction

Let this statistic sink in for a moment. Total number of journalists in the U.S.: 40,000 Total number of Google employees: 54,000 Google was founded in 1998.  Journalism may have died around the same time. Try this one on for size. There are 3.6 public relations professionals for every single journalist.  Nearly 4 to 1. […]

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The Greatest Most Accurate Predictions about Social Media Ever Made

Bank on these predictions coming true in 2013.  Guaranteed. (Or your money back.) Facebook can’t monetize and decides to shut down operations Every gray-haired CMO says, “I told you so” Zuckerberg announces new social network called Stalkbook for guys to share photos of girlfriends in bikinis All the cows die in Farmville Twitter increases character […]

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Technology is the Enemy of Creativity

Everyone loves Apple.  And Google.  There’s a warm fuzzy about Facebook, too.  When people see Amazon walking down the street they give it high fives. Everyone hates the music industry.  And newspapers.  Those cheeky, know-it-all hacks.  When people see book publishers walking down the street they roll their eyes at them.  And forget Hollywood.  Those […]

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Wall Up Your Content

  If I owned a media company like a newspaper, my first plan of action would be to put a wall around my content. A thick, brick wall, maybe topped with barbed wire. It wouldn’t keep out all of the pirates, but enough of them. Let me add that my wall would feature lots of […]

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Why Do People Follow Brands?

On the surface it seems strange to follow a business on a social network.  Social networks encourage one-to-one communications and engagement.  They are personal.  How is it remotely possible to connect “personally” with a brand online? It isn’t – at least in the aggregate. But the definition of a social network as a “one-to-one” communications […]

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The Rise of the Virtual Economy

Imagine the surprise of a Florida father when he opened his credit card bill recently and discovered $600 being paid to Tap Fish. Little did he know that he was pumping up the virtual economy. For those that don’t know – Tap Fish is a free smart phone app that allows users to create a […]

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This Tweet Brought to You By…

PR vs. Advertising The two disciplines have had an uneasy alliance for the last few years because of social media.  On the agency side, advertising and PR companies want to own the social space. Both see social media as a natural extensions of what they already do: Advertisers see social media as an additional channel […]

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