Is Spicy Food Good for Health?

Spicy food and add spice in our food really gives mouth watering feeling to us. We all know spice add taste in food item and make them more tasty. Sometimes you heard doctors advised to avoid spicy food to stay healthy, but do you know there are some spices that are also beneficial for your health? Let’s have a quick look on these spices:

Curcumin, an intense yellow pigment like turmeric, helps in reducing the pain of tendonitis, the tissue connecting muscles to bone.

Black pepper and turmeric or curcumin helps in breast cancer by reducing the growth of the cells that fuel tumor growth. This has been clinically proved that these only reducing the growth of tumor cells, not the normal cells.

Saffron, also taken with milk improves your love life by boosting the erection quality in men.

Turmeric, cumin seed and black pepper, all acts as antioxidants and provides you strength to fight off various diseases by help in neutralizing free radicals.

Coriander seed oil has the ability to kill harmful bacteria like food-borne E, so it’s good to use it as a food additive.

Piperine in black pepper has the ability to block formation of new fat cells and that’s why research is needed to determine, it can be used to prevent or treat obesity related health problems.

In addition, hot chili peppers are upcoming health power that helps to kill pancreas and lung cancer cells without harming the surroundings cells, this is the reason why researchers believe that the peoples live in India and Mexico who usually adds red chili in their foods tends to have lower rates of some cancers in comparison to others who does not consumes red chili.

Hot chilies are also very beneficial to reduce the stomach bleeding, reduce the risk of peptic ulcers and decrease the output of gastric acid.

So add those spices that help you to stay healthy and enjoy your food without the afraid of diseases.


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