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Do You Have a Right to Pornography?

There’s a lot of porn on the Internet. Maybe you’ve noticed by “accidentally” stumbling upon it. Some of it is done tastefully, some of it is quite grotesque. Most of it leaves you feeling icky (or so I’ve heard). But the biggest problem with online pornography is that it is so accessible. Without a filter […]

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Blogging with Google Glass

  Wearable – and sooner than we think “embeddable” – technology is upon us in a big way. Google Glass has changed everything. A lot of people snicker at the geeks wearing their Google Glass and gazing upwards with that weird expression of glazed confusion, but the impact is coming. Why is this different from […]

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Devoured by Technology

There are consequences to over indulgence. No matter what it is. There’s real physical consequences such as: Eat too much – you become obese. Drink too much – you become an alcoholic. Over indulgence leads to addiction. Our modern age has invented a whole new range of addictions: pornography and video games to name two. […]

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How to Love Your iPhone more than People

Dear Mobile Phone User: I know you love it. I can tell by the way you carry it around all the time. The way you lovingly gaze at the screen as if it were a new-born baby – but only better. Even more telling is the way the panic contorts your facial expression when – […]

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What Technology in the Classroom Should Mean

Public schools are adding tablets and laptop computers into their educational programs in record numbers.  One of the main reasons educators cite for this proliferation of technology is a variation of this thinking: “The jobs of the future will be using technology and computers and students need to learn them to be prepared for the […]

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Google Declares Itself Grand Protector of Journalism

Likely news organizations don’t know whether to scream or to laugh. Google – one of the biggest culprits in the downfall of newspapers and magazines – preaching to them about “journalistic values.” This from a company, mind you, that spends not one single penny on journalism.  A company that aggregates the journalism from hundreds of […]

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The Eyes of Lots & Lots of Strangers

They are watching you. And if you install Ghosterly on your browser, “they” will finally have names. Names like KissMetrics, Quantcast, Google Analytics, ChartBeat and MediaMind.  These are just some of the many companies pilfering your data online.  They are watching and recording your every click and then selling it to corporations, governments and private […]

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3 Ways to Save Journalism from Extinction

Let this statistic sink in for a moment. Total number of journalists in the U.S.: 40,000 Total number of Google employees: 54,000 Google was founded in 1998.  Journalism may have died around the same time. Try this one on for size. There are 3.6 public relations professionals for every single journalist.  Nearly 4 to 1. […]

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Saturday is the New Friday

Let’s face it: The 40-hour work week is dead.  And all that blather about 4-day and 3-day work weeks is just that: blather. Workers, especially professional workers, have lost the gains made by labor unions in the 19th and early 20th centuries to win the eight-hour day and 40-hour work week.  The Fair Labor Standards Act […]

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Why Tech Companies Love Patents & Hate Copyrights

Technology companies adore patents. They gobble them up like Pac-Man snacking on digital pellets. And they use the patents like clubs to bludgeon everyone and anyone who dares “to violate” them.  Patent battles are making headlines everywhere.  As a recent Boston Globe article noted: “Patents have become a costly and controversial part of the business […]

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